The damage

Rob says: Broken turn signal, broken clutch lever (I just went to BMW and paid $157 for a replacement to make the cycle rideable while I wait for the insurance adjuster to call), damaged front fender, damaged hand guard, damaged exhaust pipe, and shredded cover. That’s what I can see at the moment. I’m going …

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No Hamlet, no cry

Rob and I left the apartment at the same time today, which is a rare occurrence. I kissed him goodbye, got on the train and he headed off to ride his motorcycle. When I got off the train, my phone rang. Rob. He rarely calls me, so I had a sinking sensation. “Hi. What’s wrong?” …

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What? A social life?

Friday I had a meeting about a show I’m going to do set design for — one that does not involve any body parts at all — and then… then I had nothing on my calendar. I staggered for a bit, feeling like I had to race somewhere or do something but I didn’t. I …

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In Salt Lake City

Move to NYC–Day 1 We have arrived safely in Salt Lake City. Alas, we had to cancel the dinner with friends because, even getting up at dawn, we still didn’t arrive at Beth’s until after eleven pm. Meanwhile, you can click on the photo above to look at an album–unlabled–of the past two days. Things …

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Yes! It all fits!

The new moving truck holds everything we were planning on taking, including bicycles and Rob’s motorcycle. Whew. We backed the new one up to the old one in front of the Chelsea’s house and carried stuff straight across–some things did get offloaded so we could control weight distribution–but it went so much smoother than yesterday. …

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The answer to the Iceland question

We got word today that they have decided to hire someone else as Asset Manager. So, Iceland is off the table, officially. We’re both relieved to have a definite answer to something and also disappointed. Rob has sent an email to Daddi telling him to sell the KTM.

Our motorcycle trip

I confess, this mess with Audrey II is making my head spin enough that I don’t have the energy to give you a blow by blow of the motorcycle trip. But I did promise a picture, so ta-da! The short version is that I enjoyed the trip. We have nice friends. The passenger seat of …

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Heading to the beach

Rob and I are joining a bunch of his wine industry friends at the beach this weekend. Yes. We’re riding out on the motorcycle. I feel like such a biker chick.

My first motorcycle ride

To refresh your memory, while we were in Iceland, Rob bought a motorcycle. Through the vagaries of customs, the thing didn’t actually clear said customs until about four months after we left the country. Lovely. So Rob has a motorcycle in Iceland which we’ve never seen. He’s also been shopping for motorcycle gear, so we’re …

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The motorcycle

Rob, for some time now, has been coveting a motorcycle. He used to ride them in Hawaii and the roads in Iceland are apparently perfect for a motorcycle. So, he’s been shopping for one for a couple of months. The shopping was sort of a hobby. Until last night, when he won the auction for …

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Groucho and Bradbury

Ray Bradbury appeared on You Bet Your Life, hosted by Groucho Marx. Groucho: What kind of job do you have Ray? Ray Bradbury: I’m a writer. Groucho: What kind of rider? Pony Express, motorcycle, or what? Ray Bradbury: Writer, W-R-I-T-E-R. Groucho: Oh, that’s very refreshing–a writer who can spell. Excerpt from The Essential Groucho by …

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