Sale! “Evil Robot Monkey” to Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best!

I’m stunned. “Evil Robot Monkey” will be appearing in Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction. You know, there were anthologies that I regularly bought before I started writing seriously. This is one of them, because the selections were always thought-provoking and that’s what I loved about SF. And to have one of my stories in …

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Twitter / thaumatrope

Thaumatrope is a new twitterzine that delivers 140 character stories. You think that’s impossible? Check out horror story and see what you think. The first issue also has an interview with Scalzi and fiction by Kenneth Newquist. Oh, I’m particularly proud to be in the first issue because of this bit from the About page: …

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21:48 Finished the Troublesome Chapter. Woot. # 00:17 Yes, I am listening to Carmina Burana as I write the battle scene chapter. What’s the matter with that? #

Who Are Tomorrow’s Big Genre Stars?

SF Signal’s MIND MELD asks, “Who Are Tomorrow’s Big Genre Stars?” Gardner Dozois namechecks me in his list, along with some truly fantastic writers. At any rate, new or newISH writers to keep an eye on would include: Ted Kosmatka, Vandana Singh, Justin Stanchfield, Jason Stoddard, Lavie Tidhar, Carrie Vaughn, Andrea Kail, Daniel Abraham, Ysabeau …

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Physically impossible

Lisa Mantchev posted this video of You Think You Can Dance and I clicked on it because usually Lisa is smart about these things. At the 1:34 mark, the male dance did a move that I specifically teach new puppeteers to avoid because it is physically impossible. Let me repeat that. Physically impossible. He stands …

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The White Phoenix Feather, p. 3

09:18 As the ninja recovered from landing, V hurled P’s habanero spinach soup like a discus, splashing it in the ninja’s eyes. He screamed. A new ninja leapt down. #


09:17 Pt 2 "You want my soup?" Parker said. Without explaining, she hailed a waiter. "Two brandies. Neat." A ninja dropped from the ceiling. #

Clarkesworld Magazine: Clockwork Chickadee

This month, Clarkesworld magazine is offering my story, “Clockwork Chickadee,” as one of their two fiction offerings. Plus, “The Secret in the House of Smiles” by Paul Jessup, and non-fiction by Ekaterina Sedia, Jeff VanderMeer and Neil Clarke. The teaser: The clockwork chickadee was not as pretty as the nightingale. But she did not mind. …

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Cellphone story

So, I’d read about these cellphone novels in Japan and thought that it was completely insane to consider writing a novel on a phone. And then I was waiting for the train, my palm pilot was in the bottom of my bag with produce from the farmer’s market burying it, and I thought, “Why not?” …

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