My 2009 publications

As you know, the Hugo nomination period is open.  I thought I’d post a list of my stories published in 2009.  Just a reminder, I recused myself from SFWA Nebula eligibility this year, so none of these are Nebula eligible. I’ve bolded my favorites. If the story title has a link, you can read the …

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Shedding my fiction

I know this idea will come as an anathema for many people, but as Rob and I get ready to move, I’m getting rid of most of my fiction. Let me rephrase that. I’m getting rid of the book forms of most of my fiction. I realized that I moved books out here that I …

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KGB fantastic fiction — tonight!

. . Hey come down to the KGB bar tonight at 7:00 pm for the KGB Fantastic Fiction reading series to hear Brian Francis Slattery and me read. As an added enticement, I’m including a very short monologue with a puppet.  Brian is bringing a bass, a violinist and fiction! Should be fun tonight.

At Wiscon, Day 1

01:06 You know… just once, I would like to go to a con without pulling an all-nighter at the theater. See you at Wiscon tomorrow? # 04:31 I’m waiting for the bus to the airport. Have I been to bed? Does a 20 minute nap count? # 04:38 Today’s shopping list consists of ginger ale, …

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Contributor’s copies

The postman arrived today with a package, which was puzzling since I hadn’t ordered anything for props recently. Behold! Contributor’s copies of Science Fiction the Best of the Year, 2008, edited by Rich Horton. My story, “For Solo Cello, op. 12” is in there.

If I were on a bookshelf…

In a moment of total geekiness, I stopped in the bookstore to see where I’d land on the shelf.  Between Stephen King and Nancy Kress. That does not suck.

The Guardian’s take on exciting new SF and fantasy writers

Jay Lake sent me this link to the Guardian today, so you know, I clicked through out of curiosity.  The headline was “The next generation of SF Writers” and then there’s a photo of a spiral arm galaxy, the caption of which is, “In a galaxy far, far away … Hill, Kowal or Scholes?” Um.  …

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Thaumatrope stories

I failed to link to two of my twitfics up at Thaumatrope. There’s not any real way to do a teaser of fiction that’s only 140 characters long. So… This story from Christmas Eve is not safe for family. And the story from Christmas day is.

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