Toast Cover

I just got the final art for Charles Stross’s book, Toast, coming out from Wyrm. I’d already done a preliminary layout using the rough draft of the art, so it was easy to drop the final art in place, make a few tweaks and send it over to Neil. The art is by the talented …

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Doggone it all

When I do a bid on a puppet, mechanisms are the most expensive part. They are fiddly things and no matter how many times you’ve built something similar, each puppet is radically different. This dog puppet, which I’m creating ears for, technically has four mechs in it since each ear is capable of two movements. …

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Novel Progress report

View my progress report for Shades of Milk and Honey. As of this posting I have to write 8,953 words in two days to “win” NaNo. I think I have another 20,000 words after that to finish this draft of the novel.

Gmail error

Gmail has this wonderful feature which shows the first line of an email next to the subject line. This evening I was checking my email and saw something from CICADA (a highly prestigious, professional magazine) which said: Dear Ms. Kowal: I’m drafting an acceptance letter for “This Little Pig” and w In a state of …

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Cover art for Apex

The cover art for Apex Digest’s Issue six has just been unveiled. This is the issue which I will be in. Neat. The artist who’s illustrating my story also sent me a rough draft because he thought I’d be interested. It turns out he’s a fan of the show. Small world or what?

Rob has a job!

Rob has just been hired as the Script Coordinator. Which means that he’ll be making sure that everyone has the latest draft and doing lots of color-coordinated photo-copying. It also means that we get to eat lunch together every day.

Day One of Summer Camp

I teach Stagecraft at this summer camp every year. This year will be challenging because our enrollment is way down. Instead of two classes with fifteen students. I have one class with seven students–no wait, that’s four students. No. Ten students. I don’t know how many I have because they keep pulling students out to …

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