The dress I wore to last night’s Jane Austen’s birthday ball

Last night, at the Nineteenth Century Club in Oak Park there was a ball in honour of Jane Austen’s birthday.

I made this dress to wear. The fabric is a very sheer border eyelet that I embellished with a little bit of applique on the bodice that I tied in with some embroidery. Aside from the eyelet stuff, the dress is entirely hand-stitched.  It’s a simple roundgown, but I’m hiding the draw string channel with the embroidered  bit at the waist.

The ball was a great deal of fun with live music by Old Fezziwig’s Band and the dances were called by Mady Newfield and Tammy Bretscher. It was a lovely, lovely evening.

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3 thoughts on “The dress I wore to last night’s Jane Austen’s birthday ball”

  1. What a lovely dress!
    Wait, if the fabric is sheer… But it doesn’t look sheer.
    *closeup* Oh. It’s sheer at the sleeve, and past the knee. How racy…

    What’s the lining made of? Inquiring minds want to know!

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