Patreon Online Writing Class | Setting Reasonable Goals

January 30, 2023— 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Setting Reasonable Goals with Mary Robinette Kowal lettering in front of an image of a journal and some flowers, beside a photograph of the instructor

Mary Robinette teaches or hosts writing classes, once a month, for her $30 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates, depending on what folks want to know about.

In January, we will be focusing on setting reasonable goals. In the New Year, it’s tempting to create a long list of things that we want to accomplish over the year. We’ll take a look at how to set goals that work with your brain instead of against it.

Structure (all times in Eastern)

  • 8:00 pm Chat for 5 minutes as people get settled.
  • 8:05 pm Begin recording
  • 8:45 ish Open the floor for questions from the chat
  • 9:00 ish Stop recording near the hour and switch to Q&A for any questions that you didn’t want to be recorded.
  • Later ish MRK will open the breakout rooms for anyone who wants to stick around for writing or social time.

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