Interviewing Experts with Max Fagin

August 16, 2022— 8 to 9:30pm Eastern

Mary Robinette hosts an interview with an expert in their field once a month for her $25 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates depending on the guest’s area of expertise. Mary Robinette will interview the guest as if she were preparing to write something featuring their job – which means interesting jargon, behind-the-scenes challenges, and unexpected joys! At the end of the session, you get to ask them questions, too. These sessions will be recorded for those who need to watch asynchronously, and you can submit questions ahead of time.

This month’s guest is Max Fagin. Max is an aerospace engineer from Seattle who has worked at NASA Ames, Made In Space, SpaceX and Blue Origin on programs including the Falcon 9, Crew Dragon, Archinaut Spacecraft, and the Orbital Reef Space Station. He holds two BAs from Vassar and Dartmouth College in astrophysics and mechanical engineering, with an MS in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from Purdue University, focusing on aerospace systems and astrodynamics. His parrot’s name is Beetlejuice.

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