Works in Progess

Short Fiction

Beauty Will Come
:Prequel to “Beauty and the Beast” from the Beast’s mother’s POV.

Waiting for Rain: In India, a farmer has beggared himself to pay for his daughter’s wedding and can no longer pay his weather bills.

Shades of Milk and Honey: Regency Romance, with fantasy. Magic is a woman’s art, like painting or music. Jane uses it to prove that Mr. Dunkirk is wooing her and her sister at the same time.


Virus Attached SF murder/mystery – Scott Huang and his AI partner Metta are trying to solve a murder, when Metta’s chasis (containing her memory) is stolen. She is rebooted from her last back-up, which occurred six hours previously. She and Huang must find her original version before the perpetrator can use it to hack into the police department and erase all evidence of his crime.

Good Housekeeping:
Contemporary Fantasy. The Faerie Queen sent a human changeling, Grace, back to try to keep the old ways alive in the world. Grace uses the internet to manage a network of Goodwives who let brownies, elves and other housefolk live in their homes. But the Unseelie Court has decided to drive out all of the housefolk to diminish the Faerie Queen’s power. Grace has to try to save the Housefolk while adjusting to life as a human.

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2 Responses

  1. Aliette de Bodard

    If you need a reader for the India story, I’ll bite (I’ve had a long stay in India because of humanitarian work, so I can help with the local colour)

    Happy writing 🙂
    Silver3, from Hatrack.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Woo-hoo! I’ll definitely take you up on that Aliette. Waiting for Rain is the story that is at the front of my brain right now and I’m close to finishing it. Several years ago, I spent a month in in India, but that doesn’t mean my memories should be trusted.

    I had learned Bengali as a prep for going and was tossing a few words into the story. Unfortunately, I chose Pabbi for Father, which is Icelandic. It was an unexpected complication of travelling too much.