Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys interviews me

Ann Wilkes interviewed me for Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys. We did the interview via IM which was fun and allowed for a more fluid give and take than an email interview but with the chance to actually think about what I was going to say, unlike radio interviews. It’s like the best of both worlds! Among the questions she asked were:

  • Why do you like to write science fiction and fantasy?
  • Which conventions are your favorites and why?
  • How has your voice acting and puppetry affected your prose? And vice verse?
  • Why shouldn’t all authors read their own works for audio books?
  • Why are so many people attracted to Regency England with its uncomfortable clothes, strict conventions and lack of indoor plumbing and electricity?
  • Do you use first readers or critique groups?
  • What are you writing (or rewriting) now?

Read the full interview at Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys

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