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Grandma’s birthday.

I would sum up the weekend but Steve Savile did such a nice job covering the writing portion, that I’ll just talk about Grandma’s birthday party.

I made the little packets of recipe cards, each containing fourteen recipes daintily tied with a sheer blue bow. We had a basked of those sitting on the table for people to take as they circulated through the house. Grandma was very pleased. She said, “I knew you would do something clever, but I didn’t know what.”

Here is another recipe for your enjoyment.

Makes 6 apple dumplings
14 oz lemon-lime soda
1 1/2 cup sugar.
Bring to boil and add 1/2 stick butter.

6 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon allspice
Peel and core 6 apples.

Make rich pastry and cut in 7 inch squares. Mix sugar, cinnamon, allspice. Roll pastry around apple and fill center of apple with this mixture. Put in a baking dish and pour lemon-lime soda over all. Dot with butter and bake until done at about 325.

After Grandma’s birthday party, Rob and I went out with Steve and Alethea for Indian food. They’ve headed for home now, so I’m just catching up on some writing and then I will head to bed.

The original scene of Portrait of Ari

If you are curious about how Portrait of Ari started, I can tell you the whole sordid story. I started writing a novel when I was in highschool, and things being what they were, it took me ten years or so to finish the thing. The plot is flawed beyond repair, and believe me, I tried. It’s hard to look at that many words and know that you have to throw them out.

But there were parts of the story that I thought still worked, and there were characters that I loved. Continue reading ›

Housework and writing

Today I installed a floresent light above the stove in the apartment. Rob picked it up for me at Home Depot when he was out getting a replacement part for the toilet, which was leaking. The light helps a lot with the stove.

I also submitted Cerbo en Vitro ujo today and started on a rewrite of Hand in my Colon.

LeeCon – Day 2

I’m tired and I’m having fun. My writing brain is getting a good swift charge from the company at hand.


Today, besides writing more of the Landon Manor story, I also did some serious editing of Waiting for Rain. I’ve taken it from 9900 words to 8875. That’s feeling like a much more reasonable length.

Chattacon 31

On January 21, I will be on a panel at Chattacon 31, a science-fiction convention in Chattanooga, called Writing – when can I quit my day job.

I told them that my day job was in puppetry. This should be interesting.

The Habits of Good Society – 1859

It was well said by a late eminent barrister, that literature in ladies should be what onions ought to be in cookery; you should perceive the flavour, but not detect the thing itself.

Excerpt from The Habits of Good Society
Anonymous, 1859

Structured Procrastination

People who don’t know me very well, marvel at all of the different things I do. My husband knows the truth. Jodi, my creative partner, knows the truth. I am a procrastinator and will always find ways around doing what I really need to be doing.

And now, there’s an essay on Structured Procrastination which explains all about how it works. Go ahead. There must be something important you ought to be doing; read this essay instead. I’m writing about it instead of working on my NaNoWriMo Novel.

NaNoWriMo update

I’m making good progress, I think. I just finished Chapter 8 and am slicing through Chapter 9. Tally ho!


Like a crazy woman I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year. The goal: write 50,000 words of a novel in 30 days. I’m working on a novel called Good Housekeeping, which is a contemporary fantasy. This began a short story which I realized was really a novel in disguise. In prep for NaNo, I have character sheets, a chapter outline and the original short story.

Technically, that’s cheating, but I plan on writing 50,000 new words and I’d rather do it for a story I’m excited about than just 50,000 words of monkeys typing.

The back story
The Faerie Queen sent a human changeling, Grace, back to try to keep the old ways alive in the world. Grace uses the internet to manage a network of Goodwives who let brownies, elves and other housefolk live in their homes. Because her foster mother was perfect unchanging beauty, Grace has grown up to be severely body concious.

The Plot

The Unseelie Court has decided to drive out all of the housefolk to diminish the Faerie Queen’s power. Grace has to try to save the Housefolk while balancing her life with her mortal family.

Stop back by to track my progress

New website

To celebrate my pro-writing sale I decided that I was justified in starting a writing website. So I registered a domain name I’ve been pasting entries in for the past week, keeping close to the same journal in two places. Eventually, I’ll probably move over completely to the other website, but for now you can check both.

The entries, at the moment, are not exactly the same but they are pretty darn close. I’m a little more concious of having strangers read my words on the new site. I need to see if it makes it too impersonal for my friends and family before I give this one up. I mean, really, the main reason I’m keeping an online journal is just so that it’s easier to keep track of me.

Not again!

I can’t believe it. While at work today, I slipped on a wet spot on the floor. I flung out my arms to catch myself, and although I did not hit the ground, I did manage to further injure the shoulder that I wrenched yesterday. So it looks like I’ve moved from a sprain to a possible torn rotator cuff.

I am not a happy camper at all. On the bright side, since I can’t work for the next week that means more time for writing.

Puppets are a threat to National Security

The San Fransisco Area Bay Puppet Guild is under investigation by Homeland Security. This is the guild where Jim Henson met Frank Oz.

After 20 years of safeguarding the Guild’s finances, retiring treasurer Pam Brown handed over the fiscal reins to new treasurer Valerie Nelson recently. The Guild’s bank account at West America Bank was to be transferred to a West America Bank branch close to the new treasurer in Yountville. But times have changed since Pam first took charge of the money, and transferring the account to a new branch brought the Guild under the watchful eye of Homeland Security. As of this writing, the Guild’s finances are still frozen in spite of having provided the bank with a copy of Guild bylaws, a roster of our officers and a copy of our minutes. Negotiating past deadlines and threats of account termination, Valerie has struggled to meet government demands for information.

A day off

Good heavens! What’s that? I didn’t work today. No boat, no computer (though I should have) no design. Just me, a book, and a little bit of writing. Rob and I slept in.

Lovely day.

Repairing the websites

Other Hand’s site is up and running. WRW’s is up except for the forum, but I have to rebuild the database for that and it takes longer. I spent the day uploading files and writing while I waited.

Then I went to the boat and worked. I let one of my co-workers read the draft of Body Language I had in my bag. He didn’t finish it before we left for the night and asked when I would be back on board so he could finish it. I took that as a good sign.