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We just put the set model up and it’s huge. Because of the workshop I’m basically building my model 1′ to 1′ instead of 1″ to 1′.

The Hobbit

I went to see, or listen to, a live radio performance of The Hobbit that Willamette Radio Workshop did. Rob was doing the audio engineering. It was a lot of fun and the audience went nuts over it. The thing that struck me was the difference between listening and watching. I enjoyed it more when I wasn’t watching because the sound effects and voices pulled me into the story. When I watched I was more interested in questions like, “What are they doing with that plunger in the jar of water?”

Website updates

I work with Willamette Radio Workshop, a radio group in Portland, though it’s been a year or more since I performed with them. I maintain their website, and have spent most of today making changes to the site. Most of them don’t show up, just behind the scenes things, but I did make some error messages go away.

Too short

I clearly need to find a way to spend more than two days up here. I woke up around nine a.m. because I was rested. The house is very quiet; the only sound I can hear is the sound of the waterfall. I wrote for a little. Bernd made apple pancakes, which were delicious and beautiful. We decided to go for another walk before heading to the workshop.

There’s another waterfall that you can just see as a dark spot in the first photo, but we walked up till we were parallel with it. Later in the winter these rivers and waterfalls will be covered over with ice and snow so there won’t be any sound at all.

I flew home (a forty-five minute flight to the local Reykjavik airport) and walked home from the airport. It was about a half-hour walk, with the northern lights blazing overhead. When I got home, I heated up some fish and moss soup that I’d made on Friday and sat in my living room, with the lights off, watching the northern lights.