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My paper mind

You know how much I like paper, right? Check out this amazing paper animation by Javan Ivey. Each frame is cut from a notecard and layered on top of the ones behind it. Breathtaking.

The Shadow Theatre Budrugana from Georgia

In 1993 I went to the National Puppetry Festival in San Fransisco and saw the Shadow Theatre Budrugana from Georgia. (That’s the country of Georgia, not the state.) Now, I’d seen shadows before, but this was a troupe of hand shadow puppeteers. Everything in their shows was produced by shadows of human hands. Nothing I’ve seen since has rivaled them.

I have a clip of one of their shows on video tape from that festival and used it while teaching for years. Everytime someone posts a YouTube clip of a hand shadow puppeteer, I do a search to see if Theatre Budrugana has anything online.

Today they did.

This is a scene from one of their other shows. Look at the fluidity of the bear and the water that the duck is in.

This is an overview with a lot of different clips, plus some backstage photos. Notice how the hands look like random shapes until you see the shadow on the screen? It’s astounding work. (The second clip is from the show that I had on video. I still want to see the whole thing of that again.)

Muppets on The Orson Welles Show

Wow! Puppeteers Unite just uncovered a bit of early Muppets which I never knew existed.

The Orson Welles Show was an unsold television talk show pilot. It has never been broadcast or released. Filming began in September 1978 and the project was completed around February 1979. It ran 74 minutes and was intended for a 90 minute commercial time slot.

Shot partly before a live audience, Welles interviewed Burt Reynolds (taking several questions from the audience,) Jim Henson and Frank Oz performed Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear.

Part of what makes this totally fascinating is that the puppeteers are in full view of the audience and only masked by shadows.

Deaf dancers — amazing synchronization

Knowing my interesting in movement, my mother-in-law just sent me this video of 21 dancers, all deaf. I watched this the first time accidentally without sound. I had the speakers turned off but just thought it was silent on purpose. No, there’s music, but watching it without is a heck of a lot more compelling because you realize the incredible amount of rehearsal they must have gone through to be this synchronized.

Long Video of War Horse

I clicked over to Handspring Puppet Company because I wanted to see more about Warhorse. What do you know? There’s a link to a 40 minute presentation about how the horses were developed, including a solid 10 minute demo of Joey the horse.  You watch the puppeteers get into the figure and then they just vanish. God, this is beautiful work.

Go now. Joey’s puppeteers come onstage at about the 19 minute mark.

National Theatre : Vidcast Episodes : War Horse: Handspring Puppet Company.

Shimmer #10: Free Issue

We’re celebrating Shimmer’s tenth issue by giving it away for free ! We’ve got twelve fantastic new stories and an exclusive interview with Cory Doctorow that you won’t want to miss — and don’t let your friends and family miss out, either.

Download your free copy today, or buy the lovely print edition and celebrate with us!

40 years old today + Iron Chef

The birthday celebrations have been going on all week of course, but yesterday was pretty spectacular. In the morning Steven Gould — whose birthday it actually was — had released the theme ingredient for the Iron Chef Battle we had planned. [1. Originally we were going to do it today, but decided to move it to yesterday because a couple of the guests had flights out today.] Welcome to Iron Chef Pear!

We all trouped over to Grandma’s church for her 104th birthday party and then went straight from there to shop for Iron Chef. At first we were going to shop separately, but then thought, what? We’ll see each other in the store and be shocked that, “OMG! You’re buying pears!”

Back home the two teams — headed by Alethea Kontis and me — began cooking. There are two kitchens at Mom and Dad’s which is part of why I wanted to try an Iron Chef battle in real time. You know, because we could. I took the kitchen in the other house so we’d both be in unfamiliar kitchens and we gave ourselves two hours to compensate for not having Kitchen Stadium.

Here are the results in video form.

Here are writeup’s from Alethea Kontis, David D. Levine and Steve‘s flickr lineup plus combined photos in my Picasa album

Edited to add:
The recipes our dishes were based on.
Warm peppered pears with dolce gorgonzola and fried sage on watercress
Smoked Pear and Parsnip Bisque with frizzled ginger
Pork Tenderloin with Caramelized Pears and Pear-Brandy Cream Sauce served with Gorgonzola and Red Pear Risotto
I just made up the zinfandel poached pear with dark chocolate and pistachio icecream.

So tonight we are dressing formally for my birthday dinner, but I don’t know how I will top last night’s meal.

Mrs. Peel, meet the Daleks

I was watching the Avengers tonight with Rob and loving it as always. Mrs. Peel is the embodiment of classy crime fighting. In this particular episode, Death at Bargain Prices, she and Mr. Steed are investigating a murder in a department store, so she goes undercover in the toy department.

Notice the toy in her hands?
Mrs. Peel holds a dalek

Wait, here’s another screenshot from the same episode, as she hangs the Dalek on the wall, you can see one of the others already hanging up.

Mrs Peel hangs a dalek

Clearly, our geek meter went through the roof at this moment. Now she would make a fantastic companion for the Doctor. If she didn’t outclass him.