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The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery

Well, I’ve just stumbled onto the best resource EVER if you are writing about warfare in a time with mounted artillery. The King’s Troop is a ceremonial unit in the British Army which King George VI decided to maintain following the mechanization of the last of the horse drawn artilleries.So what we have here is a troop of active soldiers who happen to train for warfare from horseback. This isn’t an amateur re-enactment group, these are actual soldiers.

This video is of their annual Musical Drive. Apparently, some of the formations they are doing have been in the drive since 1897.

There are loads more videos of them training and working. Very cool stuff.

I know my audition slot now + more video

So, I have my audition slot. June 17th next week from 2:30-5:30. There will be eight other people in my slot and they are calling it a workshop.

This means I can make some guesses about the format, although they are just guesses at this point. I know that one of the horses will be there along with the puppetry coordinator. Since there are nine of us and the horse takes three puppeteers, my guess is that they will show us how to use the horse and then rotate us through different slots and combinations of puppeteers.

Since they are auditioning for four days with a morning and afternoon slot each day, my guess is that they’ll probably see about 70 puppeteers. The show requires 12 for the cast but some of those may be precast.

There’s really not much I can do with this information but knowing that the audition will be in workshop format makes me relax some because it means I’ll have three hours in which to watch and try to understand the puppet. The worst is when you come in and have five minutes.

They’ll pick a group from that to go onto call backs the following week, which I am trying my hardest not to think about. I may get in there and just be too small. 

Here’s another of the video diaries from the West End production. They go visit real horses of the King’s Troop. Around the 2:30 mark Toby Olié talks about being conscious of how he was sitting as a rider because of the time he’s spent as a horse. Fascinating stuff.

War Horse Video Diary: Episode 2 from Toby Olié on Vimeo.

If the Oil Spill were in Hollywood

The current statutory liability for a company which has an oil spill is $75 million dollars, which, as Rob points out, is the cost of a modest Hollywood film.

Here is a simulation of what might happen if the typical current patterns hold and the spill continues to go unchecked.

To me, this is scarier than any Hollywood film, and the cost is much higher.

If this were Hollywood, then some scientist would invent a bacteria that would eat the oil spill without subsequently consuming all the petroleum on the planet. There would be a kiss between the scientist and the romantic interest as the sun sets over a spotless ocean. A dolphin would leap triumphantly out of the water.

That’s not going to happen.

Cherie Priest wrote a very moving post called, Oil, about what is happening in the Gulf right now, which I encourage you to read. She also came up with a list of things you can do about the oil spill.

Just to kind of bring home exactly how big the spill is right now visit If It Was My Home which puts the oil spill over the place where you live.

Here it is over Iceland.

And finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, swing by the Big Picture which has pictures of animals caught in the oil spill.  It is heartbreaking and makes the viscosity and consuming nature of the oil very palpable. The pictures are difficult to look at.

Normally, I mock Hollywood endings but I would take one right now.

Funny and Painful music video about book signings

This is very funny and painful and my big fear.

So, um, there’s a list of dates of my book tour, plus other sightings, over in the left sidebar. Come see me?

Also, I am totally going to see Parnell Hall the next time he’s on tour.

Buster Keaton

In comments on another subject entirely, Samantha Henderson reminded me of how awesome Buster Keaton is.  Just in case, you don’t know already, here…

Home from Orlando

I’m home from Orlando although I desperately wanted to stay longer. While I pack boxes for the Big Move, here’s another of my favorites from the Handmade Puppet Dreams series.

The Whole World and You by Tally Hall, directed by Frankie Cordero

Videos of Maggie

Thank you all for your thoughts today. They were greatly, greatly appreciated. Rob was able to come in and we spent some time with Maggie before we had her put to sleep. We were sitting on a couch with her in Rob’s lap, so she definitely knew she was loved. Laptime was her favorite thing. Next week, we’re taking her to upstate NY our friends’ home.

The hardest thing right now is expecting to see her around the apartment. Such a small creature and such a big impression.

Meanwhile, I thought you’d like to see these two videos of her. She’s only seventeen in them but was this feisty up until a few weeks ago.

You can tell I’m a puppeteer because…

So, I was watching this video about Disney’s Imagineers making an animatronic figure of Obama for the Disney Hall of Presidents.  When Obama is recording his speech to the microphone, I couldn’t help but watch his hands and think that it was terrible puppetry technique.

And this is the real man.

If it were a puppet, I’d smack the puppeteer and tell them that the gestures were meaningless and to stop them.

via The White House.