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Grandma and the mystery of housekeeper’s disguise

I spent the day at Grandma’s today and we got to talking about her mother. She told me stories I hadn’t heard about her first job, and then about her housekeeper who lived in disguise… No. Really.

EDITED TO ADD: I got Grandma to talk more about her housekeeper. She had remembered that it had been Nellie’s husband who had been killed and that it happened in Alabama. She said that Nellie was worried about the same men finding her and killing her. I figured an ax murder should be easy to find records of.

It turns out– serial killers.

From 1919-1923, Birmingham, Alabama had a series of ax murders. I’ve only found two articles online but the timing is right for him to have been a victim of the “ax syndicate.

FURTHER EDITED TO ADD: Apparently, this trial got some attention because the confession came through an early use of “truth serum.”

Serenading Grandma

Meet my 106-year old Grandma. My dad, on fiddle, and his friend stopped by to play for her today. I learned that my great-grandfather played the fiddle.

After the camera was off, I also found out that Grandma used to play the slide guitar.

What’s really crazy? I recorded this on my phone and Grandma remembers when they didn’t have a phone. Talk about living in the future.

Trailer: The Narrative of Victor Karloch

Wow. It should not surprise me that this is an impressive trailer given that its provenance. Kevin McTurk, the creator, has been doing amazing work in puppetry for years. This film will be appearing in Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams 2012 series. Looking forward to that in big, big ways.

The Narrative of Victor Karloch [Official Trailer] from Kevin McTurk on Vimeo.

He’s using 30″ rod puppets, shadow puppets and in camera effects to create what promises to be a deeply eerie film. You can read more about the Narrative of Victor Karloch at the Spirit Cabinet.

(Hat-tip to Grá Linnea)




Cats and Dogs, living together! Video of how Harriet met Nick.

For Valentine’s Day, allow me to introduce you to the budding love story between our cat and the dog upstairs.

Our neighbors were going out of town so we offered to take care of their pets while they were on their trip. Two cats, one dog. Our neighbor stopped by with Nick, the dog, to ask us a question and we invited them in. We were a little curious about how Harriet would behave with a dog, since we’d never seen her with one. She’s a friendly animal, but we did not expect her response. Not by any measure.

She was curled up on the couch and when Nick came through the door, Harriet jumped down and ran up to him, mewing like he was her long lost best friend. She rubbed against him. Followed him. And the purring…

The video below is the third time they’ve met.

Love at first sight. It’s so hard. Every time she’s thrown herself at him, begging for attention. Poor cat. He doesn’t even know she exists.

Writing Excuses 5.22: Film Considerations

While I was in Utah I joined Dan Wells and Howard Tayler, of Writing Excuses, for a conversation with Dave Wolverton about movie considerations and formulas. Dave explained the three-act structure to us, and we talked about how this applies for transitioning stories to the screen.

As always, you can listen to this at Writing Excuses 5.22: Film Considerations but you also have the rare opportunity to actually watch the episode too.  Moses Siregar III of Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing filmed us as we chatted.

Video: Thriller on the ukulele

Rob is listening to Jake Shimabukuro’s live album and his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller just came on. Oddly, it makes me more aware of the musicality of the piece than all the zombies did.

Portlandia: The Dream of the 90s

I just ran across this video which I sort of love because it pokes fun at Portland with so much love. Watch it and if you live here you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Apparently it’s promoting a t.v. series called Portlandia.

Photos of Christmas 2010 plus a snowball fight

Today was absolutely lovely.  In this order, I sat by the fire, opened presents, played in the snow, napped, ate leftovers.  There was some cleaning involved as well, but it did little to diminish the pleasures of the day. Why cleaning? Besides the carnage of the wrapping paper, thirty-three members of our extended family came for the 54th annual Christmas Eve dinner.

Mom and Dad live in the house that Dad grew up in, Woodthrush Woods. Yes, it’s a named house. My grandfather built it.

I grew up in Raleigh, N.C. but since both Mom and Dad are from Chattanooga I’ve always come here for the holidays with only three Christmases missed.  You’ll forgive me for continuing to mention this, but today was my first white Christmas.

Here are some photos and a video, mostly for our family, but I figure you won’t mind it if indulge in showing some of the snowy fun.

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