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Dinner with Dana and Mark

Dana and Mark Reed came to join me for lunch this afternoon. They are some of the most interesting people that I’ve met here, but this is the first time I’ve spent any time with them outside of large groups. We talked about theater, the nature of puppetry, what interests us about our work, and life in Iceland.

The Menu
Enzogelin Çorbasi (red lentil, bulgur & mint soup)
with Yogurt Garlic Sauce
Pomegranate, Garbanzo Salad
Garlic Nan
Chocolate Mousse

Eve sent me the recipe and ingrediants for the soup and it’s very good. We enjoyed a warm, savory Mediteranean meal while it snowed outside.

Enzogelin Çorbasi Recipe

2 Tblsp Olive Oil
2 Tblsp Butter
1 Lg Spanish Onion – finely diced
2 cloves garlic – minced
1 med. tomato – seeded and chopped
2 tblsp. paprika
pinch cayenne
1 can tomato paste
1 1/2 cup red lentils
1/4 cup long grain rice
6 cups stock or water
1/4 cup bulgur
1 tblsp dried mint
Lemon Wedges
1 recipe Garlic Yogurt Sauce

Heat butter & oil in heavy saucepan – add onion and garlic, cook gently till soft but not brown.
Add tomato paste, chopped tomato, paprika and cayenne.
Stir well and add lentils, rice & stock.
Bring to boil, cover, lower hear and simmer 30 – 35 minutes, stirring occasionally til lentils dissolve.
Add bulgur & mint, cook another 10 minutes. If too think, add a bit of water. Serve with Lemon & yogurt sauce

Yogurt Garlic Sauce

2 cups yogurt (or skyr) 2 cloves garlic

Mince garlic w/pinch of salt. Put in blender with yogurt till very smooth. Let flavors marry at least 30 minutes.

Playing Tourist

Suzy, an friend of Sam and Jodi’s from Portland, was in town this week. I know her from Tapestry Theater, but this was the first time that I’d spent any time with her. The four of us went to the Turf Cottage for lunch. It’s delightful, and has a really wonderful fish soup. You see a lot of turf on rooves here, and this is a really picturesque example.

The Turf Cottage is just below the Pearl, which is one of the tourist destinations in Reykjavik. It’s a revolving restaurant built on top of four hot water tanks.

We didn’t eat there, but we did go up to the observation deck for a view of the city.

As we walked back down we went through a small forest covering the hill that the Pearl is on. By small, I don’t mean the area of ground that it covers, I mean the height of the trees. The lava bunnies in this photo are the size of your average small rabbit. That gives you an idea of how big the “trees” are, doesn’t it.

All the rabbits in Iceland are black, because they blend with the lava better. There are no predators in Iceland, except a very small population of artic foxes, so the rabbits are not particuarly timid.

Massage, glorious massage

Last night I went to see “The Bourne Supremecy” with Jodi, Sam, Sarah, Julie and Raymond. It was a lot of fun, though there was a bit of unintentional humor. One of the characters turns to another, at a very intense moment and says, “Can I speak with you privately?” Suddenly the lights come up and the film stops for the interval. Everyone filed out of the theater to the snack bar. So, I guess he needed a really private conversation.

This morning, I’ve had a massage. Happiness.

A night at the movies

I went out with Jodi, Sam and Sarah to the Luxes, which is a luxury movie theater. It has leather recliners and serves beer and wine. The weird thing, and this is apparently standard in Iceland, is that every movie has an intermission. I don’t mean the Icelandic ones–we were there to see Hellboy for crying out loud–but halfway in, they stopped the film so that everyone could go to the restroom and visit the concession stand. Strange.