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Photos of Christmas 2010 plus a snowball fight

Today was absolutely lovely.  In this order, I sat by the fire, opened presents, played in the snow, napped, ate leftovers.  There was some cleaning involved as well, but it did little to diminish the pleasures of the day. Why cleaning? Besides the carnage of the wrapping paper, thirty-three members of our extended family came for the 54th annual Christmas Eve dinner.

Mom and Dad live in the house that Dad grew up in, Woodthrush Woods. Yes, it’s a named house. My grandfather built it.

I grew up in Raleigh, N.C. but since both Mom and Dad are from Chattanooga I’ve always come here for the holidays with only three Christmases missed.  You’ll forgive me for continuing to mention this, but today was my first white Christmas.

Here are some photos and a video, mostly for our family, but I figure you won’t mind it if indulge in showing some of the snowy fun.

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Christmas Snow!

We’ve got an inch on the ground in Chattanooga and it’s still coming down. Those of you from places where it really snows, hush. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had a white Christmas. I’m fully aware that the snow isn’t making it under the trees yet but it’s covering the rest of the ground. Snow!

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Woodthrush Woods in the Snow

It is snowing in Chattanooga!

When I was growing up, it seemed like it snowed every day on my birthday or on the day of my birthday party.  That hasn’t happened in years.  This year it snowed for about three minutes on the 8th, just enough for me to feel like it was a real birthday.

Today, it’s really coming down.  Now, mind you, if I were in Iceland people would laugh at me for calling this snow. Still, this is what Woodthrush Woods looks like in the snow. If you click through there are some other snow pictures plus some non-snow pictures.

From Woodthrush Woods

Snow? I wasn’t expecting that.

We were planning on having some friends over for dinner so I pulled on the long underwear because it was cold outside and headed out to New Seasons. It’s about 2 and half miles away which is far enough to get cold but not so far that I warm up from the activity.  This was my first really big shopping trip on the bike. I took my two saddle bags and a third bag dubbed, “The bag of last resort” with a cargo net.  I was really hoping the other two bags would do it, but as you see they did not. Still I felt very pleased that I was able to do this without needing to get out the zip car.

One the way home the extra weight was definitely noticeable on the very slight rise between the store and home.  More noticeable was the wind which was pushing me as though it wanted me to not go home.

I walked into the apartment, set the bags down and looked out the window. There were small white flakes floating past the window. Hm… what’s that?

Snow? That wasn’t in the forecast.

I checked the weather and was reassured that it was supposed to melt off. Except, it was sticking.  And coming down very fast.  I checked gain when the yard looked like this: Continue reading ›