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Much driving

Rob and I drove my brother to the Atlanta airport yesterday. We visited friends, stayed at George and Julie’s (my cousins) and then drove back today.

In other news, I’ve spent most of my time on the computer today trying to put the finishing touches on Shimmer.


I’m on vacation, right? So why did I spend today type-setting for Shimmer, dealing with scenic design questions for Arabian Nights, and computer issues for Portland Spirit?

I did manage to cook dinner tonight, but that was the only thing today that didn’t feel like work.

The Menu
Pomegranate and Garbanzo Salad
Red potatoes with garlic and gorgonzola
Arugula avocado salad
Golden Beet and Feta tart.

Shimmer gets reviewed

Our first issue of Shimmer was just reviewed in the Internet Review of Science Fiction. You have to log in to view it, so I’ll post a quick excerpt here.

Headlining the issue is Dario Ciriello’s Valley of the Shadow, a zombie story with a difference. Complex, subtle, and powerful, one man makes his way in a world where the dead walk again. These zombies aren’t eating brains, though. They walk with us, watch us, silently reproaching the living.

This is characteristic of the other material in Shimmerzine: contemporary fantasy with a dark edge, from capering death clowns to predators among sheep-like shoppers. The lightest piece here is a fun little take on the rapture.

I’m particuarly proud because I was the editor for Dario’s story.

Editing and proofing

During every spare minute I am working on getting Shimmer ready to go to press. I think we’re pretty close to the final draft now.

If you like science fiction and fantasy, buy a copy.

Nothing new, part 2

Ah, and then today I’m back to my normal humdrum life. I worked on the boat, Rob made wine. I did work on the typesetting for Shimmer but that was not complicated or particuarly exciting.

Oh. I made a marinara from yellow tomatoes out of our garden. It’s pretty, but I don’t know when we’ll have time to eat it.


I spent today trying to write. I’m working my way through a new short story, and it’s slow going. I think I’m putting too much pressure on myself after how well Salt of the Earth went. I like this one, or at least the idea for this one, but I only got about 1000 words done today.

Besides that I also worked on Shimmer and a little bit of gardening.

A new online magazine

Because I really don’t have enough things going on in my life right now, I started working on a new online magazine called, Shimmer. I was supposed to just be an occasional advisor, but you know how things go. Anyway, it’s open for submissions now, and the first issue is due out in October.