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Contest! Can you spot the difference between types of typing?

Hey guys, I mentioned to Jeremy Adam Smith, the proprietor of, that I had written most of the Typewriter Triptych on a manual typewriter but that I’d switched to computer at one point due to travel. To me, the stylistic change in the writing is blatant and I was curious if other people could spot it.

So… he took the idea and turned it into a contest. You guys should have an edge because you’ve been reading my fiction for ages.  Here are the rules.

Readers who are able to correctly spot the exact place in the typewriter triptych where Mary switched from a typewriter to a computer will win one of two free books: Either her forthcoming novel Shades of Milk and Honey OR Jay Walljasper’s forthcoming book, All That We Share: How to Save the Economy, Our Communities, the Environment, the Internet, Democracy, and Everything Else that Belongs to All of Us

Your choice!

To be eligible, you should become a registered user with–sign up here. Then leave your guess as a comment here or on any of the three stories.

Remember, don’t make your guess here, head over to

The final Typewriter Triptych story: Playing to Type

This is the final story in my typewriter triptych at The first two are “A Type of Favor” and “Playing Against Type.”

Here’s your teaser.

Gloria flexed her wrists trying to work some of the tension out of them while she waited for the propmaster to reset the scene. How had secretaries used typewriters like this for hours at a time?

Her left hand was captured in a strong, masculine grip. Gloria followed the arm up to meet Chance Hendrix’s eyes. He smirked at her with all the wattage of the dark eyes which had given him one of the highest recognition credits in his day. God. She’d had such a crush on him when she was a teen — but then so did all the other girls and most of the boys in her creche.

You can read the whole story at Shareable: Playing to Type.

Interesting trivia: I wrote the first of these stories entirely on manual typewriters. At one point while writing the second two,  I had to switch to the computer because I was traveling. Can you spot the point where my style changes?

My SF story “A Type of Favor” is online at

I have three stories that will appear on over the next three days. They are examining what it might be like to make a film in a future with an economy based on sharing and cooperation.  Each story can stand alone but hopefully you get more out of them when they are read as a whole.  It’s the first time I’ve tried to write a mosaic story.

Here’s a teaser of the first one.

A Type of Favor

Like most of the co-operatives that sprang up after the Oil Wars, the Broadway co-op had a specialty. While other co-ops might focus on medicine or music, the Broadway members created and exported films to the commercial world. In exchange for pooling their time and resources they were able to have a higher standard of living than any independent artist. But of course, even an economy based on sharing and cooperation demands sacrifices…

Jenn stared at his chin, focusing on the stubble and hoping that her distaste didn’t show. Why had she borrowed Harold’s tools? Now she owed him.

Harold’s request to borrow one of her typewriters for the film he was making was perfectly reasonable, but this did nothing to keep the sour taste out of the back of her mouth. When she’d traded borrowing points, she hadn’t thought the typewriters would be in danger. No one used them anymore. She’d thought she was throwing skills or tools into the communal pot when she immigrated to this co-op. At her old one, no one cared about the typewriters. Was there a way she could say “No,” plausibly?

Read the full story at

Oh, and it has pictures of our actual typewriter collection.