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Norwescon 2011 schedule

I’m heading up to Norwescon tomorrow via train and am very much looking forward to it.  If you are looking for me, here are some of the places to find me. Who else is going?


6pm, Cascade 7
Tips for Writers on Giving a Good Reading

Mary Robinette Kowal offers a workshop filled with tips for writers, readers, and public speakers on how to give a good reading. She’ll discuss how to select the scene, the number of characters, language, and give other pointers that make writers better readers. Continue reading ›

WorldCon 2009 schedule

I’m heading up to Montreal for Anticipation, the 2009 WorldCon. Here is my convention schedule.


Twitter, Facebook, My Space: Social Media and Writing
14:00, P-513B
What’s all the buzz about the new social media? Writing short-short-short stories on Twitter??? Good grief! Is this networking or a new way to write? Can tweets and Facebook updates be about more than what you ate?
James Strauss, Jenny Rae Rappaport, Mary Robinette Kowal, Walter Jon Williams, John Picacio


The Campbell Awards (Not a Hugo, Honest!)
17:00, P-511A
Jay Lake and other previous winners explain why you should read and vote.
Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, Mary Robinette Kowal, Wen Spencer


SF and the Arts
10:00, P-524A
There is a wide variety of art in the genre that has nothing to do with paper or a computer….
Elaine Isaak, Frank Roger, Leigh Adams, Mary Robinette Kowal, Stephen H. Segal, Jill Eastlake

13:00, D-Vitre
Writing Workshop S
Critique session for previously submitted manuscripts
Jay Lake, Mary Robinette Kowal

15:30, P-513C
Puppetry Demonstration

Beginning with an overview of puppetry, we’ll talk about how it relates to SF. I’m planning on bringing some rehearsal puppets to let people try.

19:00, P-513B
Radio Theater – “The Cold Equations”

Two-time Aurora nominee Joe Mahoney directs a reading of his sf audio adaptation originally broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Tom Godwin’s “The Cold Equations.”
Joe Mahoney, Mary Robinette Kowal


9:00, Outdoors
Stroll With The Stars

A gentle, friendly 1 mile stroll with some of your favorite Authors, Artists & Editors. Leaving daily 9AM, from the Riopelle Fountain outside the Palais (corner of Ave Viger & Rue de Bleury), returning before 10AM.
Farah Mendlesohn, Lou Anders, Mary Robinette Kowal, Paul Cornell, Stu Segal, John Picacio, Felix Gilman

11:00, P-522A
Author Reading
Readings by me, Tony Pi, Daniel Duguay and Frank Roger. I’m planning to read “Evil Robot Monkey” and either something from Shades of Milk and Honey or Scenting the Dark. There are advantages to having a story that’s only 970 words long.

20:00, Location: P-517ABC
Hugo Awards

No description needed. I’ll have a pretty dress.


10:00, P-513C
Characterization Workshop for Costumers

Good costumes are better costumes when they have a character behind them. Use characterization to bring your costuming to the next level. Give your original design a backstory and personality. Our panel will discuss ideas and show you how.
Mary Robinette Kowal, Toni Lay

11:00, P-521A

A chance to ask those burning questions.

Penguicon schedule May 1-3, 2009

I think I forgot to mention that I was going to Penguicon this weekend, because, you know, I’m not doing enough traveling. A lot of good friends are going to be there so it should be good fun. Let me know if I’ll see you there.

May 2, 2009
10:00 am — Ballroom 7
Making Fiction Work In Audio

What to avoid when writing a story to podcast, and what to change to adapt one. Concise language, appropriate pacing, holding attention, choosing a performer to read, and more tips from two of the leaders in podcast fiction: Steve Eley of Escape Pod and Rick Stringer of Variant Frequencies.
Steve Eley, Mary Robinette Kowal, Rick Jackson, Rick Stringer

11:00 am — Ballroom 7
Can I Be Your Friend? Bringing Authors and Readers Together

Facebook, LiveJournal, WordPress, MySpace, Twitter, website, etc. — SF/F/H authors are encouraged to engage in self-promotion on the web. Some, like John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton, make it look easy. But where’s the line on privacy and personal details for the authors? And what about fans bent on making the transition to troll or stalker? No one said this was going to be easy.
John Scalzi, Jim C. Hines, Wil Wheaton, Mary Robinette Kowal, Daniel Hogan, Dr. Philip Kaldon

1:00 pm — Poolside 1
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Character Development. Bringing your imaginary friends to life. Discussion of what makes a character live on the page. Heroes, villains, supporters. Different methods and ways of making your characters real to your audience.
Elizabeth Bear, David Crampton, Mary Robinette Kowal, Sarah Hoyt, Dan Hoyt, Cherie Priest, Jeff DeLuzio, Sarah Monette

3:00 pm — Poolside 3
Johnny Can’t Read and Nobody Thinks It’s a Problem

Illiteracy is a major problem in our society, or perhaps it’s not, given the lack of attention it gets. Can children read? Are they reading? Should they read more? How can we get them to read? How can we read more as adults? Our panel of mostly experts will discuss the issue.
David Crampton, Richard Herrell, Mary Robinette Kowal

7:00 pm — Poolside 1
Lie to Me!

Authors telling lies….what will happen next?! (PS – the audience gets to lie too!)
Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal, Sarah Hoyt

8:00 pm — Poolside 1
Schmoozing 101!

Conventions offer a chance to meet some of the top names in the field. How can you take advantage of that without coming off like a weasel? Learn about the etiquette of talking to editors and how to effectively “work a room.”
John Scalzi, Mary Robinette Kowal

May 3, 2009
8:00 am — Poolside 1
National Novel Writing Month

Every November hordes of would-be writers as well as established pros unite to attempt to produce 50,000 words in one month. Good idea or waste of time? Does it help or hurt writing? What about the pressures of deadlines in general? Does slow and steady win the race, or does the pressure cooker of trying to produce so many words in the last hour really work?
David Crampton, Jim C. Hines, Mary Robinette Kowal, Daniel Hogan

9:00 am — Poolside 1
How to Give an Effective Reading

Learn to make your words sound as great out loud as they do on the page. Using both demonstration and audience participation, we will explore voicing, narration, and pacing.
Mary Robinette Kowal

11:00 am — Poolside 1
Finding Your Voice

1st Person vs 3rd Person writing. Discussion of pros and cons of different voices in writing. Benefits of the “God” point of view for an author and a reader. Benefits of the main character as narrator for the author and reader. Limitations of both.
Elizabeth Bear, Mary Robinette Kowal, Sarah Hoyt, Dan Hoyt, Sarah Monette

Lunacon schedule (March 20 -22)

I’m heading for Lunacon . Will I see some of you there?

How to Avoid Publishing Scams 6:00 PM (Brundage B)
Warning signs, what to ask, and what to look out for.
Participants: Sean P. Fodera[M], Mary Robinette Kowal, Joshua Palmatier, Ian Randal Strock,

The Worst Advice I Ever Got? 7:00 PM (Brundage B)
About writing. About critiquing. About the publishing business. About marketing.
Participants: Barbara Campbell[M], Mary Robinette Kowal, Nick Pollotta, Shane Tourtellotte, Michael A. Ventrella,


Sports and Fantasy 1:00 (Brundage A)
SF is filled with sports and games, but fantasy isn’t (quiddich being a conspicuous exception). How come everyone in the future is involved in physical activities, but no one in fantasy seems to have extracurricular hobbies when they’re not dragon slaying or wenching? Why aren’t there more Robin Hood style town archery contests or Tom Brown’s Schooldays style contests between villages?
Participants: Pauline Alama[M], Alma Alexander, Sam Butler, Mary Robinette Kowal, Chuck Rothman,

Gender Balance in Fantasy
12:00 PM (Grand Center)
We’ve come a long way from the days when it didn’t occur to Tolkien to put any female characters in The Hobbit. Nowadays, the perky girl protagonist is as much a staple of the genre as the pig boy who’s destined to be king. Have we reached a good balance, or are we just creating new cliches?
Participants: Alma Alexander[M], Esther Friesner, Daniel Hoyt, Mary Robinette Kowal, Mercedes Lackey,

Reading 12:30 – (Elija Budd)
A chapter of Shades of Milk and Honey OR a new short story, depending on audience choice.

WorldCon ’08 schedule

I have my official schedule for World Con now.

Launch Pad: Astronomy for Writers
Wednesday, 11:30 a.m.
Launch Pad is a week-long crash course in modern astronomy for writers founded by Mike Brotherton and held each summer at the University of Wyoming. NASA foots the bill with the goald of increasing the quality and quantity of astronomy reaching the public. Come hear instructors and participants discuss the experience.

Schmoozing 101
Wednesday, 1:00 p.m.
Conventions offer a chance to meet some of the top names in the field. How can you take advantage of that without coming off like a weasel? Learn about the etiquette of talking to editors and how to effectively ‘work a room.’

Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer
Wednesday, 4:00 p.m.
Once the story is written, what happens next? Panelists talk about cover letters, manuscript tracking, rejectomancy and other blunders that they learned about the hard way.

Thursday, 1:00 pm

Thursday, 4:00 pm
A sampler-platter of short stories from me and John Scalzi

How to Give an Effective Reading – Workshop
Friday, 10:00 a.m.
You may be a good writer, but reading aloud is a separate skill. Learn to make your words sound as great out loud as they do on the page. Using both demonstration and audience participation, we will explore voicing, narration and pacing.

Strolling with the Stars
Sunday, 9:00 a.m.
To encourage a healthier, more active environment at Denvention 3 we are scheduling a 9AM walk every morning. We’ll leave from under the Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center, and we’ll stroll for a leisurely mile through downtown Denver. Each day’s walk will be led by a Famous AuthorTM, Artist, Editor or Scientist who will not only lead the walk but will interact with the participants. Join luminaries like Frank Wu, David Brin, Jay Lake, Ellen Datlow, John Picacio, Lou Anders, Paul Cornell, Scott Edelman, Mary Robinette Kowal and Stephen H. Segal for a gentle, friendly stroll to get the day started on an upbeat note.

My prelimary WorldCon schedule

The planners of Denvention are really on their game. I’m not sure when I’ve known about my programming so far in advance. Granted, these are preliminary schedules, but here’s the list.

Schmoozing 101 – Wed 13:00

Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer – Wed 16:00

How to Give an Effective Reading – Workshop – Fri 10:00

I’ll also be doing the Strolling with the Stars one morning, but I don’t know which one yet.

MRK’s Wiscon Schedule

I’ll be going to my first WisCon and am extremely excited by the programming they offer. Here are just the panels that I’ll be on.

Title: Beyond Illustration: The Process of Creating ‘Vision’
Saturday, 9:00-10:15 P.M.

Much of SF/F art is illustrative, growing directly out of the writer’s vision. But some artists are doing exactly what writers do–using a myth or folkloric theme or story as a starting point and interpreting it in a new and personal way, developing a story with a vision of their own. These image/object driven visions are sometimes then the inspiration for a writer’s new story. How is the process of creating a vision the same in writing and art? How is it different? How do they cross-pollinate?

M: Mary Robinette Kowal, Deb Taber, Connie Toebe, Catherine Crowe

Title: What If You Don’t Want to Have Children? Redux

Saturday, 10:30-11:45 P.M.

Modern birth control and feminism have made the option of not having children much more socially acceptable, yet women (and sometimes men) are often made to feel that by making this choice they are abandoning an essential part of the human experience. Given the increasing numbers of people who are choosing to be child-free, what will society look like in another 20 years? 50? 100? There are currently some countries that pay generous benefits to parents, especially in countries with decreasing populations. How will this continue? How will the population reduction affect workplace policies? How will the results of choosing to be child-free actually benefit parents (increased tax incentives, workplace benefits, etc.)? Last year, this panel focused on the personal, emotional, and medical struggles faced by those of us who have chosen to be childfree. It was a relief to see that there were others like ourselves, going through the very same struggles. This year, let’s take a deep
per look and examine how societal structures, workplace policies, and government taxes and subsidies discourage or encourage our decision.

M: Carrie Ferguson, Mary Robinette Kowal, Gerri Balter, Maddie Greene, Isabel Schechter

Title: The Future Of The Book

Sunday, 1:00-2:15 P.M.
Senate B

With Amazon’s Kindle being the latest entry in the ongoing attempts to scale the Everest of e-book technology, it’s time to look at the technology of the book, and where we think it might be going in the next 10-20 years. Topics might include what’s wrong with the current set of e-books, what people would need to move to an e-book solution, and new technologies/approaches in the paper-book world, such as the increased use of POD books.

M: Mary Robinette Kowal, Steven Schwartz, Jeannie Bergmann, Cabell Gathman

Title: How To Be A Good Ally — And A Bad One

Monday, 10:00-11:15 A.M.

As privileged allies in tee struggles against various oppressions such as racism and sexism, sometimes we make mistakes, and some of our strategies are more successful than others. And some of us are frightened by the idea of tackling the learning curve and making fools of ourselves along the way. Others of us aren’t even sure where to begin. This panel will discuss starting points, common pitfalls, embarrassing stories of mistakes made and overcome, and how to do it right.

M: Lori Selke, Debbie Notkin, Mary Robinette Kowal

Look! Schadenfreude and trucks!

Surprise! We were comfortable with the things we were going to have to leave behind because of space. What we did not anticipate was the weight of what we did manage to get into the truck.

We have bottomed out the suspension. Totally. The truck is so overweight that after A LOT of thought, we are going to switch to a larger truck. It’s that or risk breaking an axle in the Rockies. I’d much rather swap trucks here on a shady street.

This won’t throw off our arrival date, because we had some slop built into our schedule, but it will change the rest of the trip since we probably won’t leave until tomorrow.

Orycon Schedule reminder

Here’s my schedule for Orycon. Come see me!

Fri Nov 17
2:00:pm Constructive Critiquing
4:00:pm Other Worlds or the Same Ol’, Same Ol’?

Sat Nov 18
10:00:am We Don’t Need Another Hero
11:00:am Remember to Breathe- The Secrets Behind Great Public Readings (Workshop on reading aloud)
1:00:pm Turkey Readings
4:00:pm Juggling Jobs: Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer
7:00 pm Shimmer Magazine Party

Sun Nov 19
12:00:pm The Great Writers Blog
1:30:pm Reading: Mary Robinette Kowal – Salt of the Earth
2:00:pm Love, Romance, Dark Passion and Crossing the Genre Lines
3:00:pm How to Write About Something You Know Nothing About

My Orycon Schedule

I just received my schedule for Orycon. Holy cow. At least I won’t have to make decisions about which panels to attend.

Panel Start Panel End Panel Title
Panel Location Panel Description
Moderator in Bold

Sun Nov 19 3:00:pm Sun Nov 19 4:00:pm How to Write About Something You Know Nothing About
Salon A The joys of research. How much detail is enough to sound credible without bogging down the story. How to avoid “facts” that are irrelevant or inaccurate. How to become an instant expert in time to meet an editorial deadline.
Greg Gorden Theresa Reed Alma Hromic Deckert Mary Robinette Kowal Sara A. Mueller

Sun Nov 19 2:00:pm Sun Nov 19 3:00:pm Love, Romance, Dark Passion and Crossing the Genre Lines
Salon G Enjoy a little romance in your SF and fantasy reading? Where does one genre end and the other begin? The blurring between romance and SF/fantasy continues apace, as romance publishers launch new “paranormal” and “supernatural” imprints and SF/fantasy editors seek the same type of story.
Theresa Reed Mary Rosenblum phyllis irene radford Mary Robinette Kowal Kara Dalkey

Sun Nov 19 1:30:pm Sun Nov 19 2:00:pm Reading: Mary Robinette Kowal
Salem A reading by Mary Robinette Kowal
Mary Robinette Kowal

Sun Nov 19 12:00:pm Sun Nov 19 1:00:pm The Great Writers Blog
Salon A Blogging — everyone’s doing it! And blogs are a great way for writers to chronicle their creative process and track their progress, interact with fans and other writers, and get free publicity. So, what are the keys to a great writer’s blog? Come to this panel and listen to some veteran “bloggers” talk about what they’ve learned.
Cory Doctorow Dave Slusher Joseph E. Lake, Jr. Mary Robinette Kowal

Sat Nov 18 4:00:pm Sat Nov 18 5:00:pm Juggling Jobs: Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer
Salon B The delicate balance of job, family, and being a writer or artist. Assuming one has to have some income, is there a right kind of day job for writers?
Rob Vagle Bruce Taylor Ken Scholes Leslie What Mary Robinette Kowal

Sat Nov 18 1:00:pm Sat Nov 18 2:00:pm Turkey Readings
Medford Find out about some of the stories that really, really didn’t make the cut. Or what happens to a manuscript from the time it arrives at the publisher’s office to the time the editor actually looks at it. What should the writer do, and what should the writer not do, to get out of the slush pile.
Mary Robinette Kowal David D. Levine Anthony Pryor

Sat Nov 18 11:00:am Sat Nov 18 12:00:pm Remember to Breathe- The Secrets Behind Great Public Readings
Salon E Table 1 You may be a good writer, but reading aloud is a separate skill.  In this workshop, learn to make your words sound as great out loud as they do on the page.  Using both demonstration and audience participation, we will explore voicing, narration and pacing.  Come with one paragraph of your own work; sample text will also be provided.
Mary Robinette Kowal

Sat Nov 18 10:00:am Sat Nov 18 11:00:am We Don`t Need Another Hero
Mt. Hood From Kimball Kinnison to Dylan Hunt, strong-thewed heroes have strode the spaceways, protecting the galaxy from evildoers. But the trend in contemporary literature is shifting from “heroes” to “protagonists” to “viewpoint characters”. What are the ways that main characters can be used in science fiction? How can ensembles and event-based plots build great story lines and lovable groups?
Mary Robinette Kowal Sheila Simonson phyllis irene radford Jean Lamb Michael A. Martin

Fri Nov 17 4:00:pm Fri Nov 17 5:00:pm Other Worlds or the Same Ol`, Same Ol`?
Salem Once upon a time, every SF story introduced us to new worlds. Now, SF can be alternate Earths or just around a too familiar corner. Why do writers use other planets? Why don’t they?
David W. Goldman Jean Lamb Mary Rosenblum Richard A. Lovett Mary Robinette Kowal

Fri Nov 17 2:00:pm Fri Nov 17 3:00:pm Constructive Critiquing
Salon A How should a colleague/friend/editor go about critiquing a manuscript? Who is qualified to do a critique? How does a critique help a writer, and how should a writer use a good critique in their writing process?
Patrick Swenson Mary Robinette Kowal Mary Hobson Dianna Rodgers Louise Marley Mary Rosenblum

How is the raffle going?

Well. Extremely well. In fact, I think I just impressed my mother who is a fund-raising goddess. I tallied what has come in so far and shared the numbers with Jason. As of this posting, the raffle has made $1828.00. Jason did not get the 200 subscriptions he was looking for, but your raffle ticket purchases made up the difference.

The raffle is scheduled to run through Friday, and I’ll keep it open until then, as promised.

Jason and I have talked about what will happen to any money that comes in from here on. Two things. He’ll be able to raise the writer’s rates. Any remaining funds will provide a safety net for Apex; running a magazine is always a risky business, and Jason has high goals for Apex.

Thanks for making sure the Apex Digest sticks around.

Ships passing

Rob’s parents arrived in Reykjavík today. They were scheduled to come in this evening, but caught an earlier flight. This is wonderful because I’m going to London today and thought I was going to miss them. So we’re off to have lunch, then they’ll drive me to the airport and go play with Rob. I’ll be back on Sunday and we can have more adventures then.

I’m going to London because Steve Savile and Alethea Kontis will be there with their anthology, Elemental.


Things on set have been very busy and while Dean was here I didn’t want to update my journal in the evenings. We are between company right now, although I just heard that our friend Wayne will be coming to visit us soon and that Rob’s folks will follow after that. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them. At this rate we’ll have out-of-town guests about every two to three weeks but, after Rob’s parents’ vist, we don’t have anyone else scheduled. C’mon people, it’s time to start booking those plane tickets.

Hanging out with writer’s

Steve and Alethea had spent the night at our house. We all spent a liesurely morning and opted not to return to Chattacon. I know that is shocking, especially since there was a puppet show on the schedule, but somehow the muffins that Mom made seemed more enticing.

After Chattacon ended, Jason and Justin, of Apex Digest, came over to the house. We had lunch and then went off to explore the world of used books. I picked up some cookbooks, including The Unplugged Kitchen, which Fab Girl had recommended ages ago.

All told, it was a delightful day.