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What did I do today?

I don’t know…it’s hot. My brain is melting.

In other news, Mom and Dad have gone to London to visit my brother.

Rob stubbed his toe, while wearing slippers, on our front steps and is now shy a toenail. I’ll spare you the details.

We carried our yard sale things down to the Celsi’s. Speaking of which, I have to get up early tomorrow.

The Portland Spirit

I went down to the Spirit office today to do a little computer work for them. Back when I was recovering from the torn ligament in my wrist I worked in the sales department. While I was there, I developed a couple of tools for doing proposals and the like that they still use. Every now and again I go down to fine tune or tweak things. I spent about three hours down there today. This is where I was trying to go yesterday.

Oh. And to update on the pantry floor; nothing has happened since my last update. I still have two and a half boards left.

Book Sale

Rob and I went to Powell’s City of Books to sell the books I sorted out the other day. We got $86 for half of them. The other half we carted home. Actually, we carted them to the end of the block outside Powell’s and set them down so Rob could fetch the car. While I was standing there a woman and her boyfriend walked past. I overheard her say, “I should just stand next to the book buyers and offer to buy things they reject.” So I said, “Do you want any of these?” She turned so fast her heel left a divot in the sidewalk. She bought a bag of them for $5. Whee! Fewer things to carry and store.