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Three Years

Rob and I are celebrating three years of marriage today. How? I’m working today, he’s watching me work. Sigh. But, later today, we are going to the Blue Lagoon for massages.

We’ve found each other

It turns out that he was home the whole time, but didn’t hear the phone or the buzzer because he was asleep with his ear plugs in. Sigh. The poor guy is having a hard time adjusting to this time zone, which is not helped by the limited daylight hours.

So, I had a nice lunch and wrote fourteen hundred words on my story. Rob had a good nap. Now we are both feeling better about life.

Sadness and slight annoyance

Rob is not in the apartment and he did not take the cellphone with him. He does, however, have the only set of keys. So, I’m locked out and have no idea how to find him. In revenge, I have taken myself to Hresso for a nice lunch and a coffee.

I’ll also work on my novel while I’m here. I hit the half-way point this weekend, and should be able to crank out a couple thousand words while I wait for my husband to resurface.

Rob in the studio

When we got up this morning, it had snowed overnight. We had walked through town yesterday and seen snow flurries, but none of it was sticking. Evidently the temperature dropped precipitously during the night. This photo was taken of the sunrise (about 10:30) out the greenroom window at the studio.

And here is Rob, settling into a routine at work admirably. That’s Sunday’s New York Times in his hands. That’s Jodi in the background.

Wonderful Sarah

Sarah, (who plays Trixie), has offered to cover for me tomorrow, since she’s not in this episode. Which means that I get to spend all day with Rob. I am beaming, nay, glowing with happiness at the prospect. Of course, he’s likely to sleep for the first part of the day, but–and this is embarrassingly personal–I’m so in love that I’m looking forward to watching him sleep. How sappy is that?

I’m going to stop this post before I embarass myself further.

Rob is on his way

According to my clock, Rob left Portland ten minutes ago. I’m very, very, very excited that I will see him in less than sixteen hours. Not that I’m counting…


Pat just forwarded two photos of Rob that a friend of his, Cliff Watson, took while he was visiting during harvest. Rob tells me that he’s shaved the beard off for his new passport photo.

This is my favorite. Cliff has somehow managed to make a cold, crowded, dark room look warm and romantic. But that might just be me…

Fiddling around

Whew. I can’t believe it’s only five o’clock. I’ve been live hands for Stingy, Bessie, and Trixie in back-to-back shots. I’ve fanned, shaken presents, wrapped presents and put a turkey on the table. And Dad played fiddle with Magnus’s assistant for the whole company. The saw too. I was so proud.

They’ve gone home now. Sigh. Mrs. Kowal is still feeling under the weather but promises that we’ll have dinner tomorrow. It was good to see them, even if we didn’t get to visit much today.

Now I just have to get Rob out here.

Trying to tie shoes.

I spent some more time with David walking. We showed it to Jodi who thought that it looked good. Then we showed it to Magnus, but there’s no way for two puppeteers to be on the puppet without the second one showing. It is frustrating because the harness gear makes the puppet walk like a duck.

After lunch David was trying to make it look better, and fell off the platform. He was fine, but it scared us. I think it scared us more than it did him.

I also did stuff with hands for one shot. Oh, the most interesting thing was going to the prop shop to look at this shoe tying robot that I’ll be in one episode. Just for giggles, try tying a pair of shoes over your head, while wearing gloves and a blindfold. It’s fun! Trust me.