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Teaching puppetry

I completely forgot to mention that I taught a puppetry workshop yesterday. Three hours and 64 students. It was a marathon, but they were darn good kids. It was a group of gifted and talented eighth graders and they were a blast to work with. Disciplined, creative, and excited to be there.

By the end of it though, I was wrung out. I’m going back on the 21st, which I expect that to be more exhausting. I’m going to watch their rehearsals. There are twenty groups, each with a two minute piece and I have three hours to watch and give notes to all of them.

Yoicks. The bonus is that the school is in Newport and the teacher who arranged this has offered to let Rob and me use her beach house for the weekend. Our anniversary is on the 17th.

Opening Night

Much to my surprise, since we had not done a full run-though, the show went really well. I’m very impressed with the way these kids stepped up to the plate. The girl playing Audrey, who is all of 13 years old, made me cry with her rendition of “Somewhere that’s Green.” She’s got an amazing voice and really owned the song. I was blown away.

I’m also exhausted since it’s the first time I’ve done the whole show here without stopping. The extra scene is killing me. Tomorrow we have a rehearsal and two performances. Heh. Should be fun. Oh, and I have to repair the control bar in Pod 4, which broke while I was performing. Joy.

Carp et Diva

The opera went much better than I thought it would. Charlie, the sophmore working the fish, did a bang up job. I was really proud of him.

I might be biased, but based on audience reaction, the carp was the hit of the evening. These photos are from a rehearsal, not the show–I wouldn’t take pictures during a performance–but it’s nice to see the fish under the lights anyway.

Speaking of lights, the lighting design was one of the most misguided “artsy” things I’ve ever seen. You couldn’t see anyone on stage, and each scene was a diferent color. Do I really need to strain to see a singer in a dim green wash?

Back to NJ

Rob and I drove to Atlanta today with no trouble. My flight boarded on time and then sat for an hour and a half on the pavement. Why? Because I was on board. Seriously though, when it landed it had kicked a rock up against a wing and dented a flap. It apparently was nothing to worry about, but they had to have two inspectors look at it and fill out various pieces of paperwork and receive replies before the plane could be allowed to take off.

Amazingly, I made my next connection which then also sat on the pavement. They didn’t explain why with this flight, but made up lost time so I only got to Newark about twenty minutes late. I’m staying at Chris Parks house tonight and will head into Arabian Nights rehearsals tomorrow morning.

Arabian Nights

I just got off the phone with Chris Parks at McCarter and Emily DeCola. Chris is directing Arabian Nights and Emily is doing puppet design; I’m the scenic designer. We started our planning when I flew to NYC last summer to do initial design discussions. Today we planned out our schedule. Which means I now have something to report to you, my faithful readers.

I will be going to NYC on January 18th.
Then flying to Atlanta on the 21st for an UNIMA board meeting.
Back up to NYC for the 24th to 28th.
Then to Chattanooga for the 29th-February 7th.
On the seventh I return to NYC for Arabian Nights rehearsals.

Whew. That’s a wirlwind, eh?

Pantry progress report #3

Rob went down to a WRW rehearsal today, so I took advantage of the time alone to scrape tar paper off the floor in the pantry. It’s fairly stinky so I don’t like doing it when he’s in the house. I wear a respirator while I’m working; asking him to wear one around the house during his leisure time just seems mean. The wood is in much worse shape than the rest of the kitchen so I suspect that we may decide to replace it rather than refinish it.

I still have to do the section under the rug. Oh…the broom that’s in the image is helping hold a window fan in place. The pantry window is just a little too small for a ventilation fan, so I’ve got it propped on the windowsill and wedged in place with the broom. It worked nicely.