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Shades of Milk and Honey makes Powell’s Books blog contributor swoon

The Powell’s Books blog has a glowing review of Shades of Milk and Honey.

This is what a book crush is all about, this finding of a volume that is your perfect fit, the book you’ve been waiting for without ever knowing that you were waiting for it. This is one of those books that, upon finishing the last page, I closed the book, breathed a deep dreamy sigh, and floated off to bed on clouds of joy and wonder. And I’m afraid there is no way that I can explain to you why I’m so overjoyed to have found this book and why I occasionally have to clasp it to my bosom and twirl about the room in happiness. But I’ll try.

You can read the entire review at PowellsBooks.Blog

Konrad, Ursula and Powell’s

Well, I had a lovely day today.

Konrad Walewski is in town and we’ve been hanging out doing things while he’s here.  He mentioned that he needed to interview a writer for the Polish edition of F&SF and I instantly volunteered to drive him there.

Why, you might ask, was I so eager to drive him to an interview.

Because he was interviewing Ursula K. Le Guin.

Yes, I thought you might understand my reasons. I’ve actually met her a couple of times before. Bizarrely, in my life as a puppeteer I was contacted to do the scenic design for a puppet production of her children’s book Ride the Red Mare. This was really the first time I’ve seen her since I started writing and was a bit nervous.

Which is silly, because I knew from prior experience that she’s lovely and a gracious hostess.

Konrad had a series of fascinating questions prepared for her and I just sat in the living room to listen. After the interview, we all chatted a bit. Then Konrad and I headed down the hill to have beers and let out our fan squees.

I’ve now taken Konrad to Powell’s City of Books, which he hadn’t realized was a brick and mortar store. The online store, yes. We walked in and he thought he’d need a half hour to browse. Bwahahahaha!  An hour and a half later, he staggered into the coffee shop looking appropriately dazed. Yes… Powell’s. City of Books.

He’s taking one more pass through, having fortified himself with coffee.  Very Portlandian.