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British Summertime

Rob has headed off to Hawaii to visit his folks so I’m playing bachelor girl tonight. For me, this means hunkering down with a good book.  This is fortunate because I had started reading Paul Cornell’s British Summertime and was already deeply sucked into the book and the characters and then it just went places I didn’t expect.

Have you ever finished a book and immediately wanted to start reading it again? That’s the way I felt about British Summertime. It has deep, rich characters and a totally mind-bending plot.  I want to understand how he pulled it off.

Christmas Movies of the SF Writers

Paul Cornell asked a group of SF writers to list their favorite Christmas movies. Answering the question are Lou Anders, Mike Carey, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Steven Moffat, C.E. Murphy, Kim Newman, John Picacio, Chris Roberson, John Scalzi, Stephen Segal, Shanna Swendson, Sean Williams, and me.