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Novel Update

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
35,387 / 50,000

2,284 words.

For those of you keeping score at home, I wrote for an hour and forty-five minutes today.


Mom bit her lip, but didn’t respond.


Brownie Thistlekin stepped forward, twisting his broom in his hands.

Novel revisions

I spent some time revising one of my novels. It felt really good. I haven’t touched it in a year and I was happy that the story held my attention still. What makes me even happier is that I’m a better writer now. That’s nice.

I had a chapter, which I’ve known for a while was a problem. I kept trying to fix it by tweaking things and today, after some encouragement from Joy, I tossed it and rewrote from scratch. My God that felt liberating. It’s stronger, does what I want it to do and was surprisingly easy. Why did I wait so long?

The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam

The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam is a very amusing, and fairly telling exam, that I’m sure was written by someone who had read one too many bad Fantasy Novel. I’m happy to say that Good Housekeeping doesn’t fail any of the questions. Well, maybe number 15, but not in the way they mean it.

Physical Therapy and Max

I took Max, the light rail, to my physical therapy appointment today. I wrote about 500 words of my NaNovel on the train. It was very easy and once again makes me wonder why I used to own a car. Of course, that’s because it wasn’t raining and all of my connections worked well.

Those 500 words were the only words I’ve written on the novel today. I had a meeting with Daniel Yost about a potential film project. It’s a really interesting project, but he’s still in the brainstorming phases, so I’m going to be all hush-hush.

After that I tried to figure out a problem with uploading mp3s to the WRW website. It works fine with FTP, but I was trying to come up with a way for Sam to do it from the website control panel. Alas, I was unsuccessful.

I will now try to get my remaining 1100 words in before I go to bed tonight. Really, I should do 2100 words because I did not write at all yesterday. Ha! Like that’s going to happen.

Good Housekeeping – Chapter 1

Okay folks, here are the first thirteen lines of my NaNo novel, Good Housekeeping. If you’d like to read the whole chapter, I’m happy to send it. Just drop me a line.

Chapter 1

Grace’s cat was sitting on her face. His purr sounded as if a mixer were stirring gravel in her ear. She shoved the cat away, ignoring Malkin’s mew of protest. Rolling onto her stomach, she burrowed under the pillow as he immediately began walking up her spine. This was why she had stopped sleeping with her door open, even when Jacques was out of town. It took another moment for her brain to process the obvious thought.

Her bedroom door was open.

Something shattered on the floor. Grace froze, suddenly and completely awake. The lamp. If the cat was on her back, then what had knocked over the lamp?

There were things in her house that regularly went bump in the night–was this one of them? Or had the burglar come back?

Progress report

I only wrote 1746 words today, but I made several good discoveries. At one point when Grace’s daughter, Cassandra, is grousing about something she thinks “a bear like her father,” and I suddenly realized that Grace met her husband while he was an enchanted bear.

I don’t know if it will continue to make sense tomorrow, but at the moment it opens up all sorts of new opportunities for me. I’m very excited.

I say only 1746, but really I just need to do 1700 a day, so I’m right on track.

Total new Word count: 3756


While Rob went off to play tennis, I spent a happy day editing short stories and my novel. I have to write a summary for it and a query letter, but I think I’ll be able to start sending it out in a couple of months.

Steve arrives tonight

My brother, Steve, gets in at 10:40 tonight. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to pick him up at the airport. I should have told him to bring a good book, because we’ll be hanging out at the studio a lot tomorrow. Still haven’t worked yet today. I have, however, written another chapter in my novel.

Sadness and slight annoyance

Rob is not in the apartment and he did not take the cellphone with him. He does, however, have the only set of keys. So, I’m locked out and have no idea how to find him. In revenge, I have taken myself to Hresso for a nice lunch and a coffee.

I’ll also work on my novel while I’m here. I hit the half-way point this weekend, and should be able to crank out a couple thousand words while I wait for my husband to resurface.


Interesting. We were called in around 4:00, but still haven’t done anything. We have half an hour left till the end of the day, so I can only assume that they brought us in for tea-time.

I used the time to start work on a new novel today, and am three chapters into it. It’s hard to concentrate here, but I think I’m making progress. As in, I think that I’ve done more than just put down a random collection of words.