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My e-book vs. paperback experience

I got an e-book reader for my birthday and opted for a Nook. I expected to mostly use it when traveling or to read manuscripts on instead of printing them or sitting at the computer.

To my surprise, after spending a week or so, recently, using it as my primary reading surface, I returned to a paperback and… in some ways it wasn’t as pleasant an experience as the ebook reader. Now, I much prefer the paperback as a tactile object, but I had to hold it open the whole time and the pages made the lines of text curve, so that I was constantly rocking the book back and forth to read.

While I know it has always been like that, removing the mechanics from reading made me very aware of them when I went back. I suspect that hardback books will be different because the pages tend to lie open better but it gave me a tiny taste of what it might be like in a future where reading on screens is the way people grow up.

As tactile objects I still prefer a paper book, but I think I may have lost my taste for mass-market paperbacks.