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Salt Lake County Library Reader’s Choice Nominee: SHADES OF MILK AND HONEY

I got a lovely email today, letting me know that Shades of Milk and Honey is a SLC Reader’s Choice nominee.  You all know how much I adore libraries, so to be on this list is a real honor.

The Salt Lake County Library System is the largest in Utah, serving over 650,000 residents, through 18 libraries.  Twice a year, the Reader’s Choice Committee selects twenty or more recently published books that have been recommended by other staff or customers.  We want to include those titles that are not a “best-sellers” but are so good you just can’t put them down — and when you do finish, you have to tell all your friends!  These books are purchased in multiples and placed on display at each Salt Lake County Library for a four-month period.  After reading any of the books on our Reader’s Choice list, customers may rate the books using one of our ballot forms.

Twenty-nine titles have been chosen for the voting period.  The title receiving the most #1 votes from our customers by November 1, 2011 will be declared the winner.

You can see the full list at or jump straight to Shades of Milk and Honey.