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Anniversary light

Mom and Dad gave us a gift certificate to Rejuvenation Hardware for our anniversary. Friday, as part of our Christmas festivities Rob and I went to Rejuvenation to pick out a new light for our front hall. We won’t get the actual light until January seventh, but you can admire the computerized rendering of its future glory.


These are some of the things that have struck me–you should know that I am experiencing culture shock about being in the U.S.

  • America really does have an obesity problem. From the moment we landed in Baltimore, I saw very few people who were not overweight.
  • There are so many trees.
  • Look at all the cars on the road; where are all these people going?
  • The staff at stores are so chatty. I don’t know them, why do they want to know how I am?
  • I can turn the hot water tap on without scalding myself.
  • The hot water doesn’t smell like sulphur.
  • The days are so long.
  • The water tastes like chemicals.
  • I can buy spinach dip in the store.
  • I can read all the labels.

There will be more to come, I’m sure.

Steve is gone

Well, Steve has headed back to London. Quite by chance, Andrew is on the same flight back. In case you wonder why it has taken me till Monday to update my weblog, it’s simply because Steve needed to be on my computer at every spare moment to check basketball scores…hmm.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rob and I are going to Jodi, Sam and Julie’s for dinner tonight. All the Americans and some other guests are gathering tonight for Thanksgiving dinner. Rob and I are bringing a spinach, artichoke casserole (thanks for the recipe, Mom), an apple crisp, and eggnog.

Today’s photo gallery of yesterday’s outing.

I mentioned that Jonathan and I did the Golden Circle tour yesterday. We started at Þingvellir.

I know that you’ve seen lots of landscape photos, but it still amazes me how much it can change with the seasons without trees as the indicator.

Of course, I guess snow on the mountain is dead giveaway that it’s colder.

Even so, the moss and lichen has a more subdued quality. Things seem more ethereal now, but that might just be because I’m looking at a hobbit hole.

We passed a turf house on the way to Geysir.

We also got to visit with a herd of horses. We pulled off the road to take some photos and they all wandered up to visit with us.

This particular horse fell in love with Jonathan and followed him like a dog.

When we got to Geysir it was still light enough for photos, which it wasn’t when I went there with Mom and Dad. I didn’t get a good photo of the geysir, but I did get a nice photo of this pool This photo is not color enhanced, it really glowed this unearthly blue. It looked like a UV light was under the water somewhere.


Today Jonathon Judge and I did a tour of the Golden Circle. Most of the places were things that I’ve been to before like Thingvellir, but we also went to Gullfoss which I did not manage to take Mom and Dad to when they were here. It was spectacular and the photos do not do justice to the torent of water that thunders down. I don’t use the word thunder lightly here. It is quite loud.

Leisurely Saturday

Yesterday the weather was bright and clear, today it’s back to its normal fall overcast. The overcast here is different from Portland, though we have the same silvery light, the clouds change constantly in the sky. Usually, there is a patch of blue somewhere.

I went walking through downtown today, to pick up my new coat, and ran into two people I know. It seems as if I always bump into someone I know while I’m out and about. I enjoy having that moment of contact.

Last night a group of us went down to Postbarrin Ehf to see Sam Paden’s art show. The lights were too dim, so no one could actually see the paintings which frustrated the folks who hadn’t seen any before. I’m still quite tempted by them and I’m going to try to save my per diem next week so I can buy one.

Raining parents

My day at the studio started as long and uninteresting. There are days when my job consists entirely of getting pillows and making sure that arm rods don’t swing out of control, but no actual manipulation. This afternoon I actually got to do some real work during the snow angel scene. More about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I should let you all know that Mr. and Mrs. Kowal arrived yesterday. I haven’t seen them yet, but my mom and dad went to lunch with them today and hung out in town while I worked. Where’s the justice in that?


Mom, Dad and I drove out to Skaftafell National Park–about three and half hours out of Reykjavik–to see a glacier. On the way we stopped at Seljalandfoss and got drenched by the mist when we tried to walk behind the waterfall.

The landscape on the way there is absolutely stunning. This was out the left side of the car; the ocean was out the right side. The tiny white dots are sheep, and I fully expect a hobbit to appear at any moment.

The road to the glacier was a wild and varied landscape. We passed through a dessert of black sand, which blended into a terrain of moss that looks as if it were constructed of green plush throw pillows. Finally we arrived at Skaftafell to see the glacier.

Now, it is really hard to convey the scale of this so look carefully at the left side of the picture. Do you see Mom and me? We aren’t even a third of the way to the glacier.

Dad took a picture of me…

…taking this photo.

And here we are, walking on the glacier. The foreground is dark because the glacial silt is exposed and is all ground-up lava.

Touring the studio

I took Mom and Dad around the studio today and let them watch some stuff. There wasn’t much happening on set, because we’re just doing snow. Theoretically, we’ll do some actual performance, but I don’t know when. Meanwhile, I’ve sent Mom and Dad to the Blue Lagoon.

Mom and Dad arrive.

My mom and dad just arrived in Reykjavik. Hurrah! By astounding coincidence, I’m not called in to work today. Yay.

Worked all day

I was on set working all day, and didn’t have even a moment to write. We’re wrapped for the day, and my ride is waiting for me.