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What did I do today?

I don’t know…it’s hot. My brain is melting.

In other news, Mom and Dad have gone to London to visit my brother.

Rob stubbed his toe, while wearing slippers, on our front steps and is now shy a toenail. I’ll spare you the details.

We carried our yard sale things down to the Celsi’s. Speaking of which, I have to get up early tomorrow.

Bicycle repair

Rob is in the basement repairing my bike. This is a classic husband moment, I think. It began with a flat tire, and has progressed through tube repair, into tube and tire replacement and now we are at wheel hub rebuild. So, rather than a slow leak I had to remember to pump up before riding, I now have a bike in many beautiful pieces in the basement.

Latest Short

This is a submission for the magazine The First Line. I am required to use the first line they provide, but everything else is up for grabs. Let me know if you’d like to read the rest.


&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp As the warrior guided his horse back home, she pondered what the future might hold. Sybille had plotted his seduction from the moment he arrived in their village, and now that he rode away, she had a deep longing to call him back. But she did not know his name.
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp Sybille brushed a strand of her golden hair, still sweat-damp, back from her face. Her hand traced a path down her face to her belly, resting above her womb. Would life quicken there?
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp She turned and went back into the tiny cottage she shared with her husband, Hans. If the warrior chanced to look back, she did not want to be standing in the doorway watching like a girl at a barn dance.

Fire Drill

I had to run out to the studio tonight to pin together a piece for Martha to stitch tomorrow. When I got there, I turned on the florescent lights and immediately heard a crackling sound followed by a burning smell. Yikes. I turned them off and turned on the flashlight that Rob had brought from the Boeing Surplus Store for me. No flames, no smoke. The smell continued to be bad. I called the building manager while the smell proceeded to get worse. He didn’t answer his cell phone, so I finally called the non-emergency fire department number to ask for advice.

They said that the only way to make certain that had not started an electrical fire was to send a team out to check. Moments later–I mean really, I had time to walk to the front of the building–a fire truck pulled up and four members of the fire department trooped inside.

One of them said, “Looks like Little Shop of Horrors,” and then, “Does it always smell like this?”

The consensus was that it was a light ballast gone bad, but that I’d done the right thing by calling to be certain. Whew.

Audrey II Repairs

I spent a chunk of today at our studio space working on Audrey II. It’s not so much a refurbishing job at the moment as it is a down-to-the-studs overhaul. Here’s what the upper jaw of an Audrey II looks like when it’s had all the cloth stripped off.

A giant fish

I went to Lewis and Clark College today to meet with Jonathan Gibson, who has written an opera called Carp and Diva. I will be building the carp. Afterwards, I biked over to meet Rob and Wayne at the tennis courts and then we came home.

I had a couple of funny moments on the bike. I bought new clips for the pedals, which hold my feet firmly in place for improved efficiency. I haven’t used them before, and there’s a special way you have to remove your feet or you stay firmly afixed to the pedals. It’s very, very easy to take your feet off, you just twist your heel out. But if you aren’t used to it, you can fall over when you come to a stop. Which I did. I didn’t hurt myself, since I was warned that it would happen. I just pitched over on the ground and laughed. It confused the pedestrians I think.


The workshop performances of Arabian Nights continue to go well. I’m happy with the twist that I added to the design last night and I showed my rough sketches to the gang. They all seem to like them. We’ll see if it works as I start to get into the nitty gritty details.

Oh. Mom and Dad did finally make it home today.

On their way

Mom and Dad have headed for home. I didn’t get to see them off because I had to get up super early to go to the first workshop performance of Arabian Nights. It went well, but is making us rethink a number of things. I’m going to spend this evening doing some serious work on the set.

The Gates

We had a grand time at the Christo installation. Much to my surprise, I would highly recommend seeing this. As much as the delight of the fabric in the wind, I enjoyed seeing all the New Yorkers walking through the gates smiling. Here’s Dad and Mom as we entered Central Park.

Hanging out with Mom and Dad

I actually have today off. I’m so excited. We have a room at the Roosevelt Hotel which is oh-so-grand. But after sofas, airmattresses, and actor nap rooms, any real bed is exciting for me. We’ve just had breakfast and are off to see Christo’s new exhibition, The Gates.

Mom’s Birthday!

And now, in honor of my mother’s birthday, here’s a picture of us with her mother.
(From left)My brother Steve, Dad, Mom, Me, Rob. Grandma in front

245 guests

Have I mentioned that my grandmother knows a lot of people? Two hundred and forty-five people signed the guest book at yesterday’s celebration. The amazing thing is that, after greeting an unending guest line–for three hours–she knows that some people didn’t sign the book. Who could remember that?!?!?

Steve, Rob, Peter and I went to visit her today and she didn’t seem the least bit tired. I was sorry we didn’t get to stay longer. Sadly, Steve and Peter needed to get back to the house to watch the Superbowl.

Mom and I are having martinis upstairs which seems much more civilized.


Mom picked up one of the birthday books today. The printer needs to trim the rest of them, but it looks good. Despite all of the headache, I’ve only caught one belated mistake and it’s a relatively minor formating problem. So minor that I won’t even explain it.

Here is page one.

Going Visiting

Besides spending a relaxing day at Woodthrush Woods, my mom, Rob and I went to Grandma’s house. I spent the rest of the day working on the book I’m doing for Grandma’s 100th birthday.

She lives by herself, still has a valid driver’s license and can thread a needle. Remarkable.

Rob’s Last Day!

Yesterday was a momentous day, and I didn’t even realize it. It was Rob’s last official day at the winery. Of course he’s still going in to work on Monday, but he’s back to being free-lance. Hurrah!