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Photos of our Pencil-Necked Little Weasel

I realized that I talk about our cats Harriet and Marlowe quite a bit but that I’ve never introduced you to our pencil-necked little weasel. Here’s a photo of him lounging with Harriet in the sun.

His name is Neil and he’s an exceptionally friendly and intelligent pencil-necked little weasel.  While he can be a little grumpy in the morning he’s quite playful the rest of the day.

Now, I do want to point out that he is a pencil-necked little weasel as opposed to his cousin the pencil-necked greater weasel which is native to Argentina.  The primary difference is in the length of their necks.

In this closeup, you can see that Neil has quite a short neck. While the pencil-necked greater weasel has a larger body-mass, the longer neck means that they aren’t as good in a fight.

The pencil-necked little weasels, on the other hand, are incredibly good at taking down snakes in the grass.  They have a ferocious bite when provoked.

Friendly and curious fellows, the pencil-necked little weasel is also handy to have around the house when you need to compose a shopping list.  Most of the pencil-necked little weasels are quite good writers.  This photo is from one of Neil’s competitions where he won best in show.

We are very proud and fond of our pencil-necked little weasel.

Cats and Dogs, living together! Video of how Harriet met Nick.

For Valentine’s Day, allow me to introduce you to the budding love story between our cat and the dog upstairs.

Our neighbors were going out of town so we offered to take care of their pets while they were on their trip. Two cats, one dog. Our neighbor stopped by with Nick, the dog, to ask us a question and we invited them in. We were a little curious about how Harriet would behave with a dog, since we’d never seen her with one. She’s a friendly animal, but we did not expect her response. Not by any measure.

She was curled up on the couch and when Nick came through the door, Harriet jumped down and ran up to him, mewing like he was her long lost best friend. She rubbed against him. Followed him. And the purring…

The video below is the third time they’ve met.

Love at first sight. It’s so hard. Every time she’s thrown herself at him, begging for attention. Poor cat. He doesn’t even know she exists.

Swearing is such a fascinating thing

I was writing today and hit a point where I needed my nice young Edwardian lady to exclaim with frustration.  It’s a point where a modern actress would likely say “Shit” and that’s so not correct. Oh, so not correct, for 1907.

So I wrote, When he left the room, Cora slapped her palm against the wall. “[exclamation]!”

And then after I finished the scene, I trotted off to the Oxford Historic Thesaurus, courtesy of my Multnomah County Library card, to look up oaths.  While I think she is likely to say “thunder!” or “hang it” these were some of my favorite other oaths from other periods.

  • By the mouse-foot!
  • Dash my wigs!
  • Gog of heaven!
  • Od’s lifelings!
  • Nouns!
  • So help me salmon!
  • By the pody cody!
  • By the great horn spoon!
  • Rabbit!
  • By the hokey fiddle!
  • Bread of wheat!

Portlandia: The Dream of the 90s

I just ran across this video which I sort of love because it pokes fun at Portland with so much love. Watch it and if you live here you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Apparently it’s promoting a t.v. series called Portlandia.

Intense and vital debate! Hats vs. caps

Join in an intense and vital debate upon which rests the fate of the internet! The very fate of humanity hinges on this important issue.

A friend just said that he needed to buy a hat while he was here. I started to cite John Helmer Haberdashery downtown, which has a wonderful selection of hats.

He then clarified that he was looking for a Ducks baseball cap hat. [Edited to add: He says that he called it a hat. La! See me be snooty and disdainful.]

I think that a baseball cap is not the same thing as a hat. He thinks that they are.

Now arguably, hat might be used as an umbrella term for headcoverings, but it’s like saying, “I want some fiction,” and then clarifying that you really meant you wanted a movie.

So! Internet debate. Are hats and caps the same thing? Discuss.

(By the way, if the folks who read my blog on Facebook and LJ don’t mind commenting at my website I’d appreciate it. That way my friend can see the full range of responses in one location.)

Look at this incredibly cute giant predator!

This polar bear is so adorable that it’s easy to forget he could rip my head off without thinking.  How cute is he? That’s Willie, from the North Carolina zoo. He used to be in a circus under very poor conditions but was rescued and lives at the zoo now.

He’s still apparently a bit of a ham as you can see from this video. Also, note the scale. That’s a really, really big bear.