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Books, KGB, and puppets

This week is definitely about the disparate careers that I have. Yesterday was all about the fiction side of my life. I started the morning at Macmillan Audio with an interview about recording Shades of Milk and Honey. That was fun and strange at the same time. It was lovely to actually get to meet the people that I’ve been talking to on the phone and in email though.  Very dynamic group and I feel like they are really behind the book, which is nice.

Then I went up to have lunch with my editor, the Hugo-nominated Liz Gorinsky (have you voted yet?) and my publicist Cassandra Ammerman.  That was fun and was split between talking about business and just shooting the breeze.

Cassie and I took some time to talk about the upcoming publicity for Shades of Milk and Honey. She also read a review that’s coming out in August that made me faint with delight and relief. Sorry, you’ll have to wait a bit on that one.

From there I headed over to visit some friends and then immediately ran into Rose Fox and Josh Jasper with a group of folks having lunch in the park. New York is such a small town.

KGB in the evening was delightful. Man, I have seriously missed the community here. Mind you, I love Portland and it was the right choice to move back but there are definitely things that I miss about NYC.

Today is all about audition prep. I slept unevenly and am sort of rattling around the apartment until it is time to go. My trainer, who is awesome, emailed me with reminders to stretch and do warmups before the audition. Also to drink plenty of water. It’s really nice to feel like people are looking out for me.

Jodi auditioned yesterday. He and I talked through his experience this morning so I have a few more ideas about what to expect when I go in this afternoon. Really though, none of this speculation matters. They’ll walk us through the puppets and talk about what they are looking for when I get there. It’s all a mental trick I’m performing to keep myself calm and focused on the work.

Because really, gnawing my arm off with nerves would not be useful for a puppetry audition. I’ll need that hand.

Nothing to write home about

Dad emailed me today to ask if I were dead, because I hadn’t blogged in awhile.  Well, actually, he just wanted to know if I were really busy.  The truth is that while I am busy, I’m working on stuff that’s not terribly interesting to write about.

Shall I blog about laundry? Or, the phpBB template we’re arguing with at the moment?

Actually, this week we did have Liz Gorinsky staying with us, which was great fun. She’s a lovely houseguest and left us with macaroons from Pix Patisserie.  I highly recommend the Scotch Whiskey one.

Pretty much everything else is about the cats, which while amusing… I dunno, I just don’t want to turn into one of those people who blogs about her cats all the time. Although watching Harriet fall off the back of the couch while sleeping is pretty darn funny.  I’ve got to get a webcam hooked up because it’s happened more than once now.

Right now? I’m making yogurt. Exciting. I know.

Favorite Childhood Food Potluck

Birthday streamersAs part of the month of birthday experiences, I threw a Favorite Childhood Food Potluck. The rules were that you could bring the actual item or a grown up rendition of it. It was a tremendous amount of fun, but not clearly thought through. Why? Because everyone’s favorite childhood food was a dessert.  We had an entire table of sweet, sweet desserts.

There were two notable exceptions. Liz Gorinsky made a homemade version of Stouffer’s frozen macaroni and cheese that was a god send in the midst of all that sugar. It vanished very quickly. My favorite visual memory of the evening came after everyone had left and Rob picked the giant serving spoon, scraping the edges of the tin to get out the last of the mac and cheese. The spoon was so oversized that he totally looked like a small child.

The other exception was one of my favorites, shrimp cocktail.  Apparently, when I was very little, I loved it. Mom tells this story about putting away my sweater after some part and discovering, in the pockets, handfuls of shrimp. Upon questioning, I explained that I was saving them for later. Fortunately, I didn’t feel the need to recreate that entire dish: Day Old Shrimp with Finely Shredded Cotton Fibers.

Other favorite foods included Katie Menick’s homemade girlscout cookie Samoas, Fabulous Girl’s Mother’s Lemon Poundcake, Jennifer Jackson’s grandmother’s coffee toffee bars. There were flapjacks, Capri-suns, Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes. (My idea, via Martha Stewart, to combine two childhood favorites in one) Graham Crackers and White frosting, and… somewhere in there a sugar coma set in.

Novel + Sold = Best Birthday present EVER

I’ll start with the important stuff. Shades of Milk and Honey, my Jane Austen with magic novel, has sold to Liz Gorinsky at Tor in a two-book deal. My fabulous agent, Jennifer Jackson, and I have been sitting on this news for a little over a week while we worked out details. Hardest thing ever. It was like having a birthday present that I could pick up and shake but not open.

So today, I was sitting in a Thai restaurant with John Scalzi when the phone rang. Normally, I ignore it when I’m on social time, but I had it out because I was on call for the theater. Needless to say, I’m glad that I picked the phone up because Jenn told me the amazing, amazing news that we’ve sold not just one book, but two books. John immediately turned and announced it to everyone in the restaurant and they all clapped. I’m still blushing.

Last week, Jenn called with the initial news while I was frantically mixing disappearing blood for the theater. So I was squealing with excitement while measuring ingredients into a beaker. Then had to run down there without being able to tell anyone. Well… I called my parents, clearly. Here’s what I wrote on the subway after the call.

I’m writing this on the subway on my way to the theater. It’ll be a week or more before you get to read it, but I’m simply bursting. I just got off the phone with my wonderful agent, Jennifer Jackson, who let me know that Liz Gorinsky, at Tor, has made an offer for Shades of Milk and Honey.


There are all these people on the train and I’m surprised that they can’t tell that I’ve just SOLD A NOVEL because I’m glowing. Since it’s still in the offer stage, it’s a secret beyond telling a few friends and family but I want to turn to the man sitting next to me on the train and say, “Excuse me. You don’t know me, but I just found out that I’ve sold my first novel and I had to tell someone.” Heck, I want to tell EVERYBODY.

I’ve called my parents, of course, but Rob doesn’t know yet, because he’s at work. Tonight is a late night for him, he won’t get off work until three. How in the world am I going to contain myself until he gets home?

ooo… Weeping with joy on the subway would probably be a bad plan. But I’m so thrilled. So very thrilled that I don’t think my vocabulary is large enough to express it. On the other hand, it can be summed up as, “I sold my first novel!” Audio Interview

Over at Liz Gorinsky seduced me with her evil ways, by which I mean the Dessert Truck, into doing an audio interview. She had the molten chocolate cake, which was bubbling when they handed it to her. I had the vanilla creme brûlée. You should know that I have a weakness for cream brûlées and this one was perfect. I do not use that word lightly.

Afterwards I led her over to the Puppet Kitchen so we could do the interview in relative quiet. It was a fun evening. Check out the interview.