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Interview on “If You’re Just Joining Us” with Jon Armstrong

Jon Armstrong and I got to know each other when he interviewed his fellow Campbell nominees for his podcast, If You’re Just Joining Us. We hit it off and became friends so when he asked if I’d be on his podcast again, I jumped at the chance. It’s a fun conversation. But…

But. Jon knows me well enough to have heard me tell puppet stories that I don’t normally share in interviews. This one is not safe for work.

She and I talked about her book, Jane Austen, and a not-to-be-missed story about that not-safe-for-work puppet. And seriously, this podcast contains material that some may find offensive, although it’s nothing vulgar, just a part of the male anatomy.

If you’re curious, you can listen to the podcast at If You’re Just Joining Us with Jon Armstrong.

2008 Fiction wrap up

Antiticaption, the 2009 Hugos held in Montreal, has opened the doors for Hugo nominations today, so I thought I’d mention which of my stories came out in 2008.

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(“Evil Robot Monkey” will be appearing in both Rich Horton’s Science Fiction Best of the Year and Gardner Dozois’s The Year’s Best Science-Fiction)

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I’d also like to point out that the Campbell nominations are open as well.  Receiving this award at the Hugos last year was one of the most amazing experiences and I’m looking forward to passing the tiara on to the next recipient.

Please swing by the Campbell award page to look at the eligible authors.  In particular, allow me to point out that Jon Armstrong and David Anthony Durham are eligible again this year for the award.  They were both nominated last year and I’ve had the pleasure of not only meeting both gentlemen but also reading their work. Good stuff, folks.

If You’re Just Joining Us: Interview with Nutritional Anthropologist, Deborah Duchon, from Good Eats

One of my favorite podcasts is Jon Armstrong’s If You’re Just Joining Us . This episode he interviews Deborah Duchon, a nutritional anthropologist and it is utterly fascinating stuff. I highly recommend this episode.

Deborah Duchon is a noted nutritional anthropologist, teacher, author and speaker, best known for her work on the hit TV show, Good Eats. She served as director of the Nutrition Education for New Americans Project at Georgia State University, in Atlanta. These days, she is studying the exotic origins of everyday foods, by investigating their un-domesticated beginnings and working forward to the present day.

Deborah and I talked about onions, Hmong refugees, black night-shade, potatoes, theater, and women in anthropology.

Interview with David Anthony Durham

Jon Armstrong has an interview up with David Anthony Durham ((both gentlemen are finalists for this year’s Campbell for Best New Writer)) at his podcast, If You’re Just Joining Us. It’s  really wonderful.  David talks about his journey to being a writer, being naked in the desert, and fiction.

I’m reading his book, Acacia, right now.  Listen to him and then check out his books.

Interview with David Louis Edelman

Jon Armstrong continues his series of interviews with Campbell nominees on If You’re Just Joining Us

David Louis Edelman is a science fiction novelist, blogger, and web programmer. His first book, Infoquake, was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Best Novel and named Barnes & Noble’s Top SF Novel of 2006. His latest novel, MultiReal, was released by Pyr in Summer 2008. He is a finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Science Fiction Writer for 2008. He spoke about super heroes, his dad, and foreign toilets, among other things.

If You’re Just Joining Us — Interview by Jon Armstrong

It’s raining audio!

My fellow Campbell nominee, Jon Armstrong, interviewed me for his podcastIf You’re Just Joining Us.

if you’re just joining us is a podcast about books, culture, media, ideas, and cheese. You know, the important things.

Jon is a charming host, and I had a great time talking with him. ((If only my microphone wasn’t buzzing and I didn’t say “um” quite so often)) We mostly talked about puppets, with brief forays into writing. This is the first of a series he’s doing, interviewing the other nominees.

You should check out his book, Grey, which is a science-fiction novel filled with fashion intrigue, including competitive ironing. Squee!