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Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

A couple of weeks ago, Scalzi posted a list of  “10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Have Not” and I thought, that sounds like fun.  The idea is to think of things that I’ve done which are unusual. Clearly, other people have done several things on this list but most of you probably have not.

I figured it was a good thing to do in the last week of the year.  Not that I limited myself to things from 2010…

  1. Taught lyrics to Sting
  2. Had my arm pressed against Mandy Patinkin’s crotch (granted with a puppet on my arm at the time)
  3. Snorkled at Þingvellir
  4. Had tea at Ursula Le Guin’s house
  5. Asked Fozzie Bear questions and had him answer
  6. Poached a Christmas tree
  7. Can tell you how to actually get to Sesame Street
  8. Had the Emerald City fall on me
  9. Biked 52 miles (roundtrip) just to have lunch with a friend.
  10. Carried a moose head through Manhattan

By the way, you should read the comments on Scalzi’s blog, which are pretty funny.

On my way home from Penguicon

I’m sitting in the Detroit Airport waiting for my flight back from Penguicon.  It was great fun which, as usual, left me a bit fatigued. I was going to blog but am just past the point where I’m willing to spend $13 for internet access at a hotel.  Smart phones, you know, I can keep up with email that way.

Highlights include: learning that Scalzi is creeped out by my cat puppet; looking across the table and realizing that I’m having breakfast with Mary Turzillo and Geoffrey Landis; talking shop with Tobias Buckell and Patrick Rothfuss; staying up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too late talking to Merrie Haskell; and hanging at the airport with Cherie Priest. There was other fun stuff, too but that gives you a brief overview.

My flight doesn’t go until 7:45 but it’s a direct flight, so that’s nice.  I got here really early because there was an easy ride to the airport and I happily took advantage of it.