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Shimmer: Help Wanted

I’m reposting from Beth Wodzinski, Shimmer’s editor-in-chief.  This is a great magazine to work with and a really fun team.  Plus, good parties at conventions.

Shimmer will be relaunching soon (just a few weeks!) with a new site design, some new staff, and a fantastic new issue. We need two more staffers to help get things off the ground: a slush reader, and a web assistant.

The slush reader will read an average of 1-2 submissions per day, and either reject them, or forward them for further consideration. I’m looking for someone who can be fast, friendly, and whose approach to stories is somewhat similar to mine.

Web assistant: Our site is based on WordPress. Our redesign will be done shortly, and we’ll need help moving our current content into the new layout, and maintaining it going forward. No programming or other heavy lifting required–just some skill with WordPress pages and posts.

We’re an all-volunteer staff, but fun to work with, and I’ll buy drinks if we’re ever at a con together. If you’re interested (or want more information), e-mail beth AT shimmerzine DOT com.

via Beth Wodzinski: Shimmer: Help Wanted.

Cautious optimism for computer woes

For those of you following along with my computer woes, you may join me in cautious optimism.  My new harddrive arrived today and I sat down to install it.  Annnnnnd… the computer wouldn’t boot from the recovery disc, which is supposed to be a boot disc.


So I took everything out and put it back in. Still nothing but a black screen, the fan, and a chirp from the dvd drive so I knew it was working.  Curses.  I fiddled with the RAM. Nothing. Again removing the drive to check things and putting it back. By this point I was late for a tea party.

Thank heavens, or I would have continued to bang my head against the wall. So I went off to the party, had a really lovely time, and came home to try again.  First, let me say that everyone who answered my twitter/facebook plea for help is a fantastic person.

I went through suggestions and started from the easiest up.  I put the old drive back in and experienced the exact same symptoms. I returned the new drive.  THEN, in a breath taking move — I know you can hardly stand the suspense — I took the RAM out and put it back in.  The computer worked.


It’s running and hasn’t crashed in an hour so I’m cautiously optimistic that it’s going to be fully operational again. Please, please let it be fixed.

I need In-n-Out bags

Here’s an odd request. I need In-n-Out bags for a show I’m doing props on. I asked their corporate offices, but they said that they couldn’t help me. I’m hoping some of you might be able to.

If you live near one of these burger joints and are willing to mail me some bags (I’ll reimburse for postage and buy you a burger or shake or whatever it is they serve there.), will you drop me a line?

Latest computer woe

wpid-1230442623352.jpgI’ve been struggling with my main computer for some time. That’s part of why I got the eee pc. The Kowal Portable been crashing a lot and I was afraid to write on it because it would go down with no warning. I’d get a blue screen of death, but it always flashed past too fast to read. Last night after one of these, it wouldn’t restart, so I decided to do a full system restore, back to factory settings. I back up regularly, so I haven’t lost any data at least.

It hung twice during the restore, but the third one succeeded. And then, as I was still in the setup, it crashed, but this time the BSod hung around long enough to actually read. That’s the lovely picture there. We’ve spent today trouble-shooting and have gotten as far as eliminating the RAM as the problem.

Meanwhile, I’m going to be using the eee as my primary computer. Fortunately, I can touch type on the thing, but it takes a firmer stroke than the Kowal Portable. In the short-term, we’re going to get a new harddrive but in the long-term, I’m in the market for a new computer. Underneath the steampunk exterior, the Kowal Portable was an Averatec 1500.

I’m opening the floor for suggestions on a new laptop. For starters, don’t suggest a mac; I’m happy being a pc girl.

It needs to be able to handle graphic design and some audio. I prefer a larger screen, but don’t need a widescreen. I’ll probably mostly travel with the eee, so I’m not as fanatical about it being thin and lightweight as I was before.

Besides that, the field is open. Your thoughts?

Help me title my AMC column?

They’d like to come up with a title for my column at AMC and asked me for suggestions. Other columns are things like, “Masters of SciFi” or “Web Stalker,” for horror. I’ve come up with Cinema Fantastic and Dream Factory, but that is the total of my ideas.

But you folks, you folks are brilliant. Do you have any ideas for a fantasy film column?