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Napping, writing, and Mongolian Grill

I mostly stayed in today and wrote. I did a little bit of SFWA business in the morning, but nothing particularly strenuous.  The rest of the day involved goofing off, writing, and  napping.  Somehow Rob’s mom only catches me when I’m writing so has this mistaken impression that I work All The Time, which is just not true.

I did walk down to the park and sit outside to write for a bit, but that’s so relaxing it hardly counts as work. And seriously, in Hawaii, everything blooms. Even the birds.

This evening we all went out for Mongolian Grill at the Air Force officer’s club, courtesy of Mr. Kowal.  The setting is really lovely although we were a little late for the sunset. Still you will get absolutely no complaints from me.

This vacation thing. I sort of like it.

Hawaii is dreamy

Hawaii continues to be lovely.  Yesterday Rob made Taro waffles and papaya with lime for breakfast. We chatted. I napped. We went for a walk. I napped. I wrote a little and then napped… you see how stressful it is to be here.

Meanwhile, in Portland, I understand that there are winter weather warnings.  I might take a nap and think about that.

Vino, Art, and Battleships

We just returned from the winebar Vino, run by Rob’s old chum Chuck Furuya. May I say, that if you are in Honolulu and want to have a nice range of wines and a pleasant evening, go to Vino. We’re hoping to take Rob’s folks back to the main restaurant, Hiroshi’s on Saturday.

We also went to the Honolulu Academy of the Arts today, which is always gratifying. They had an exhibit on Wearing Propaganda which dealt with the textiles surrounding WWII in Japan, Britain and the US. Very interesting stuff which will doubtless turn up in a story at some point. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever thought about how the textile designs of a region would be affected in a time of war.

It was particularly intersting because we had gone to see the USS Arizona Memorial yesterday. We can see the memorial from Rob’s folks’ window, but I knew embarrasingly little about it. I knew it was a memorial to a battleship that went down during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but I didn’t realize that it was the final resting place for over 1000 people. Learning this during a film right before going out to the ship was, um, a little unsettling. My expectations had been based on my previous experience with touring a battleship in Wilmington. To say the least that visiting a battleship which has been decommisioned is nothing like visiting one that sank under fire with her crew. I was not prepared. Nor was I prepared for the film with footage of the ship exploding. Definitely go when you visit Oahu, but just know that you are visiting a graveyard.

I think that catches you up on the past two days.

Hawaii bound

Just a reminder, Rob and I leave for Hawaii tomorrow to visit his folks. I should be online, but probably not as frequently.

New Scanner!

Kenny on the sofaOh huzzah! Oh glorious day!

My old scanner would not work with my new computer and I’ve been going mad trying to get work done without one. I just got it. I did some research and decided that I wanted an HP Scanjet 4670, and turned to ebay where I lost ten different auctions trying to win it. The eleventh time was the charm.

The scanner was in Hawaii so I was going to pick it up while we were out visiting. Alas, Rob’s illness intervened. Then, miracle of miracles, Rob’s folks shipped it to me. It arrived today and I am very, very happy.

The photo is my test scan; it’s my dad when he was about thirteen. The sofa is still in Woodthrush Woods and under the same window, although it’s been reupholstered.

Now, I’ll go scan some of the illustrations that have been languishing in my sketchpad.

In Portland, One Night Only

I made it back with no trouble. Rob and I went to go pick up some of his wine in McMinnville, so he could do some deliveries. Now, I’m off to the pharmacy, because he went and got a headcold while I was gone. Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii.

Going to Hawaii

Rob and I will be in Hawaii from March 19th – March 26th to visit his parents.


So. The day after I get back from New York, Rob and I will get on a plane and go to Hawaii. I can’t think of a better way to recover from building monkeys, can you? We’ll be there from February 23-March 1.

Hawaii care package

We got a package from Rob’s folks today. They take such good care of us; this package included coffee beans, macademia nuts, some of Pat’s phenomenal cookies, chocolate covered macademia nuts… I gave one of the boxes of the chocolate-covered macademia nuts to the puppet shop and you’d have thought that I had given them a raise. Such happiness. Rob divied up a bag of macademia nuts amoung the different departments, but we’re taking the other bag home.

Thanks, Pat and Glenn!

Care package

We got a care package from Hawaii this week. Yay, Pat and Glenn! Besides yummy treats like macademia nuts, this box included a Norwegian hand-knitted sweater that a cousin from Norway made for Glenn in 1962. Rob is wearing it to work today. He should be the envy of our colleagues.

Physical Therapy and a reward!

Well, the two things aren’t related, but I feel like they are. I had my third PT session today. Some of the exercises I’m doing at home seemed to be making things worse, and I had tried backing off, but we decided to cut them for the moment. So I have some gentler ones to do. I spend an hour and a half there, being prodded and repositioned. Today I leaned on walls doing isometric exercises to try to build strength with out placing stress on the arm. I also got ultrasound therapy–yep. Last time they tried to heal me with electricity, this time they tried shooting sound into my arm.

What’s next, wind?

But, you haven’t heard the best of it yet. When I got home, the postman came with a box from Hawaii. Somehow my angel of mercy knew that I needed something sweet and sent a box of cookies. This is Rob’s mom, for those who are puzzled. And cleverly, she put the cookies in two equal bags. One for Rob and one for me to hide. I love my husband, but he has the most amazing sweet tooth and his mom’s cookies are really good.

Modeling shots

I forgot to mention that we got the modeling shots back. As a tease, I’ll let our parents know that we’ve sent a photo off to Hawaii and Tennessee, but I won’t post a copy of it.

Cruel, I know.

Here’s a couple to tide you over.

Hawaiian Offerings

Thank you Pat and Glenn. Breaking all records your package arrived a mere seven days after you mailed it. Man, the Red Sox win the World Series and the whole world gets turned upside down.