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Your Mama

Your Mama is a very simple animation toy. It’s fun to play with as you manipulate each part of the face individually to build an overall expression.

Lake Chaucer’d (Listen!) : Michael Livingston

MaynryngOooo! More Chaucer’d treats at Michael Livingston’s. This time he’s done Jay Lake’s Mainspring.

Seventene degrees latitude approchynge, Hethor sawe th’Equinoccial Wal for the first time on lyve.

I’m not sure why I find this so endlessly fascinating. Even with such short snippets, I’m starting to feel like I can understand Middle English more, like it’s becoming just an accent.

And yes, that is another cover by me using the Historical Tale Construction Kit. It’s a nice break from the real job. Er, jobs.


To celebrate finishing the proof-reading of the Autumn issue of Shimmer, I offer you a wordsearch based on the Autumn issue. Each word represents a story in this issue.

Halloween Night by John Parke Davis
Skeletonbaby Magic by Kathy Watts
Pray for Us, St. Dymphna by Bryan Lindsey
The Angel Wood by Angela Slatter
Interview with John Scalzi
Melancholix: Affinity by Joseph Remy
Through the Obsidian Gates by Aliette de Bodard
A Wizard on the Road by Nir Yaniv, translated by Lavie Tidhar
Voices of the Gods by Monica Eiland
The King of Sand and Stormy Seas by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Let’s be silly. Why not post your time in the comments section?

A new game

Apparently my youngest niece is a big fan of the show. According to my brother:

I have recently found out that Emily loves to play Lazytown, and requires someone else to play it with her. One person is Stephanie and one is Sportacus. Basically, Stephanie falls down and cries out for help. Sportacus says “Stephanie’s in trouble”, does some funky arm movements, and goes to save her. Since Emily is usually Sportacus, this involves a big splash. Not sure of the assistance that provides, but Stephanie (usually played by Peter) usually gets up almost immediately, so I guess it works.

The Portland Spirit

I went down to the Spirit office today to do a little computer work for them. Back when I was recovering from the torn ligament in my wrist I worked in the sales department. While I was there, I developed a couple of tools for doing proposals and the like that they still use. Every now and again I go down to fine tune or tweak things. I spent about three hours down there today. This is where I was trying to go yesterday.

Oh. And to update on the pantry floor; nothing has happened since my last update. I still have two and a half boards left.