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Schticker discount, the place where I had my laptop skin printed, has offered to give the readers of my blog a 10% discount. So if you want to do your own mod, enter KOWAL at the checkout.

In other news, I’m doing a test run with another friend’s laptop and if it goes well, I’ll be able to offer to mod other laptops as well. Wish me luck.

In Salt Lake City

Move to NYC–Day 1

We have arrived safely in Salt Lake City. Alas, we had to cancel the dinner with friends because, even getting up at dawn, we still didn’t arrive at Beth’s until after eleven pm. Meanwhile, you can click on the photo above to look at an album–unlabled–of the past two days.

Things we learned today.

  1. The truck goes about 60 to 65 mph, except up hills, then it goes 30, if we are lucky, for an average of 50 mph.
  2. Marlowe, the cat who escaped outside last night, today exhibited signs of having kitty agoraphobia. He spent the first part of the day with his face pressed into the corner of his cage. He’s doing better now.
  3. Maggie thinks that being in the van just means that she gets lots and lots of laptime.
  4. Salt Lake City is much farther away if you can’t go 75 mph.
  5. Weigh stations are not very exciting.
  6. Wild fires make great sunsets.
  7. Idaho roads are very bumpy.
  8. Bumpy roads will cause the ferring guard to break on a motocycle if you are using it as an anchor.
  9. Motorcycles are heavy if you have to tip them back upright.
  10. When buying bottled water, make sure you select bottles with lids that screw on instead of ones with a bottle cap.

Loading day.

In a half an hour, Rob and I are biking off to pick up the moving van. I’m puttering around, packing all of the random things that somehow didn’t get into boxes. But, really, we’re pretty much ready for our wonderful friends to descend on the house and help us load the truck.

I think I’ll have internet most evenings over the next week, but clearly won’t be spending much time online. If you have some exciting news, and it’s on your blog, I probably will miss it so make sure you drop me a line.


We just returned from dinner out with Bob Bates, one of Rob’s friends from Hawaii, and our friends Don and Yan. The meal was wonderful, as always, and it was great to catch up with them.

However, at this rate, I will be exhausted before we hit the road. So, in the interests of self-preservation, I will not post a complete report of the evening, but instead, will go to bed early. Relatively. It’s before midnight!

That’s got to count for something.

Beeper to signal new life

My nephew just sent me this article from the local paper about one of his friends. They’ve known each other since my nephew was five.

Asher McGirt and his mother, Janet, have unusual summer plans:

They’re waiting for the sound of a beeper.

The beeper, when it vibrates and bleats, will signal that a set of lungs has been found for Asher, a sixth-grader at Moore Square Magnet School in Raleigh.

“It’s strange, of course, because it means that we’re waiting for a donor to … well, die,” Janet McGirt said.

Farewell Iron Chefs

Is that right? Why isn’t the plural Iron Cheves?

Last night we went down to the Celsi’s for an Iron Chef reprise potluck. We’d all wanted to do another Iron Chef battle, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Eve reprised her Potato battle samosa dumplings in cardomon carrot sauce.

Don brought his amazing, amazing mushroom raviolli, which had won best overall when we did Best Of Iron Chef.

And me? My theme ingredient was “leftovers,” so I made a garbanzo, carrot, and shitake salad over a bed of greens.

Yani came with desserts from Pix Patisserie which are one of the many things I’ll miss about Portland.

But I’ll miss our friends more.

Would you like to see my beaver?

I just came home and my next door neighbor was sitting on the front porch with two of his buddies. He’s a nice guy and has helped us schlep things before so I went over to tell him about the yard sale tomorrow. He asked what we’re selling. I mentioned the kitchen things, the tools, the cyclops head.

“A cyclops head?”

“And a beaver costume.”

His eyes widened and he bounced up onto his toes. “Really? Like–” he gestures at himself as if trying to find the words.

“Yes, for an adult. A full suit. With a tail.”


“Do you want to see it?”

“Do I!”

So I lead three slightly inebriated young men, in their early twenties, back to the house to look at my beaver. Costume. My beaver costume. He tried it on–see what I mean about impossible to discuss without sounding dirty? He tried on my beaver, but it was a little tight. He and his friends thought the tail was fine.

Tomorrow’s yard sale should be interesting.


I invited a whole bunch of puppeteer, theater and crafty friends over to help clear out the basement of ten years of puppet making supplies. It was so much fun; I felt like Santa Claus and a saleswoman at the same time.

My favorite moment was when I pointed out the cape from Beauty and the Beast to Aimee, who jumped around with glee. She looks dashing, I must say.

And Theresa looked like she’d gone to costumer’s heaven.

The basement is much cleaner. But I still have a giant cyclops head. What the heck am I going to do with that?

Oh, and if you weren’t on my mailing list and live in Portland, I meant to invite you but I am scattered right now. There’s still fabric and tools and a beaver costume!

You can see where I live.

The front of our apartmenThanks to Google Maps new street view feature, you can see the front door of the apartment we are moving to. As a friend of mine said, “It’s like living in the future.”

On the one hand, keen! On the other hand, it’s a little creepy. I mean, is that a neighbor walking past the building? Will I meet that woman while I’m there?

And then I swing back over to the keen! side. Can you imagine how much work this must have been? Holy cow. Rob just showed me his old apartment and his favorite restaurant is still across the street.

Edited to Add: Mr. Radley, in comments, pointed out another very shiny service.

Where google maps is fuzzy, try using (requires Flash) which lets you switch between several different satellite map services, one of which may provide a clearer view.

Spinning wheels

Today was one of those odd days where I did a lot, but felt like my wheels were just spinning. I did novel revisions, had lunch with Ken Scholes, ran errands, went to the coffee shop and actually wrote, and cleaned the basement. Yet somehow, I feel like I got nothing accomplished. Why is that?

Our route to NYC

Our route for moving to NYCIf you are curious about the route that we are taking to get to NYC, I’ve plotted it out. It meanders like that because we are stopping to visit friends and family on the way to NY. The only night we have to pay for lodging is the night we stop to visit Mt. Rushmore. I’ve performed in both of the Dakotas, but never seen Mt. Rushmore, so I figured we’d take the opportunity.

If you live along this route, let me know. Maybe we can time one of our rest stops with a quick visit.

Finished recording

We recorded the last of the chapters for the Subterranean project today. Rob still has to finish editing it, but my end is mostly done. I’m a little worried that we may have to go back and re-record some of the Spaniard’s lines in the pre-Ricardo Montalban chapters for consistency, but hopefully not.

I am, however, going to call a British friend and get him to say some of the lines where my accent is clearly botched. It’s a very light accent, so I don’t mind it dropping sometimes, but when it becomes neither British nor American, it’s a problem. There are a couple of things that didn’t sound right no matter how I said them, so I’m calling in expert help.

Our motorcycle trip

Rob and me on our first motorcycle trip I confess, this mess with Audrey II is making my head spin enough that I don’t have the energy to give you a blow by blow of the motorcycle trip. But I did promise a picture, so ta-da! The short version is that I enjoyed the trip. We have nice friends. The passenger seat of the motorcycle was only comfortable for about an hour. It gets cold in the mountains when there is no car between you and the outside. I prefer twisty roads to straight roads. And we’ll do it again.

Heading to the beach

Rob and I are joining a bunch of his wine industry friends at the beach this weekend. Yes. We’re riding out on the motorcycle. I feel like such a biker chick.

My first motorcycle ride

To refresh your memory, while we were in Iceland, Rob bought a motorcycle. Through the vagaries of customs, the thing didn’t actually clear said customs until about four months after we left the country. Lovely. So Rob has a motorcycle in Iceland which we’ve never seen. He’s also been shopping for motorcycle gear, so we’re both outfitted with jackets, helmets, gloves and so forth. All for a bike that is on the other side of the world.

He’s begun covertly shopping for one here too, because of course, the urge is not out of his system. I mean, how could it be, since he’s never touched the one that he owns. It’s as if it doesn’t really exist.

After looking around, he found a place that rents them here in Portland. We’ve been invited down to the beach with some friends for the weekend, so it seemed like a perfect time to try it out.

I have never been on a motorcycle. The thought has terrified me, while I’ve been encouraging him to pursue the thing. So, when he brought the rental bike home today, I put on my leather jacket and my boots, pulled the helmet on and got on the motorcycle behind him.

You know what? It wasn’t so bad. Dare I say, it was actually sort of fun? I think I’ve spent enough time on bicycles, so I understand what the balance of two-wheeled vehicles is like. I had been expecting to freak out when we had to lean into a turn. Nope. I’m also crediting riding horses in Iceland with helping me get past the fear of being on large moving things over which I have little control. My friend was telling me that the first time he went for his first bike ride he had to make use of some bike transport UK because he lived in the middle of nowhere and had a similar experience on his bike, so that was comforting.

We’re going back out and heading for Sauvie’s Island now. I gotta say, there are worse ways to spend a sunny day than sitting on a motorcycle, hugging one’s husband. I’ve even checked out a Harley-Davidson Sportster Buying Guide! I’m pretty tempted to buy a motorbike for myself!!