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The Blue Lagoon

I went to the Blue Lagoon with Jonathan Judge, the new director. We figure that he and I are the only ones who haven’t done all these Icelandic experiences. This photo does not even begin to do justice to the blue lagoon.

It’s like swimming in a science-fiction set. The water is warm and very bouyant. We were there for three hours–had cocktails while floating–drifting from one part of the lagoon to the next, and every movement was in slow motion. When I got out of the water, I felt very heavy and concious of gravity. My hair also feels about like you would expect from three hours of a salt bath. My skin feels great, though.


I think this week will be a week of cinema. We went to see “Spellbound” at the American Independent Film festival. It was really good, and I was on the edge of my seat much more than during the thriller last night. I don’t think you could do this in fiction, but there were essentially eight protaganists and you wanted them all to win.

On the way to the film we stopped at a grocery store to grab a bite to eat. This sign was in the window.

Do you need more to let you know that I’m in a different country?