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New Year’s Resolution

I will write a minimum of one page a day, and I will do it before I do anything else on the computer.

(Otherwise I get sucked into a pit of email and other “pressing matters.”)

Email from Lazytown

Even though I know LazyTown is asking me to come back, it is still exciting to actually hear from them. I had an email today saying that they are starting to arrange housing and asking if there are any specific requests that I have.

I’ve replied and asked if they can tell me when we will be starting.

For those curious, my requests were

  1. Double-bed since Rob is coming with me.
  2. Good kitchen
  3. Walking distance of downtown Reykjavik

I’ll let you know what happens.

Middle Woman – Audio

This weekend, I recorded Orson Scott Card’s Middle Woman, which will appear as an audio bonus in the next issue of Intergalactic Medicine Show. This has long been one of my favorite stories and I’ve had the passing fantasy of adapting it to puppet stage. This is much better–it’s like puppetry for radio.

I sent it off to Scott yesterday and sat on pins and needles hoping he would like it. The dragon was tricky, and my initial pass was too angrily European. So I rerecorded all of the dragon lines with a silkier tone and Rob dropped them into place.

Scott emailed me today and said, “This is wonderful! Thank you!”


Uploaded Rampion

I tried to email the recording of Rampion to The First Line today, but the file was too big to send via email so I uploaded it to our website. Which means that if anyone wants to listen to the uncompressed version you can. I’m assuming that TFL will crunch it some to make it easier to download, since at 9MB it’s fairly hefty.

I’ll let you know when it’s up on their website.

Meanwhile, Rob and I went to Tektronix today for the first time in ages. It was great to get out and do some of the things we used to do when we were courting.

Lightning Strikes!

On Friday, lightning struck the server that hosts my website and email. Their surge protectors failed and my site went up in smoke. It finally came back up, and I’m reloading things, but I don’t know how long it will take. Some things will just be lost.

Unfortunately, Willamette Radio Workshop’s site was on the same server. It will take awhile to get both sites restored.

The older blog entries, I’m afraid, are just gone.

The birthday book that ate my life

I seem to be doomed to create files that are too large to email. I have the book formatted and lovely, but can’t send it to the printer. I’ve got to put it on disk and carry it down tomorrow morning. Sigh.

I took it to Grandma’s today to have her check for errors. She says, “Why so much fuss? I’m nobody. I’m just a country person.” But she’s spectacular, if you ask me.

Oh, I asked her about the hat. She doesn’t own it anymore but says that it was Leghorn straw and lined with pale green chiffon underneath, and a camel ribbon to match her cape above. She owned this hat eighty years ago…

O Christmas Tree

While I was in Iceland, I told Rob not to bother getting a tree since there would be so little time to enjoy it. (He’s not into all the trappings of Christmas except the exterior houselights.) Anyway, after I recovered from jetlag, I realized that was a mistake, but couldn’t justify the expense of a tree for two days of enjoyment. Then I got an email from my dad today, which I will now proceed to quote.

I cut (poached according to Steve)the Christmas tree from over by the TNT plant where I usually get it. It is a little bit off balance, but I have it wired to the ceiling so it isn’t likely to fall.

“Brilliant!” I thought, “We’ll poach a tree from our own backyard.” There are these ridiculous arbor vitaes that have grown too tall and fall over at the slightest provocation. So I cut part of one of them down and stuck lights on it. The house feels more festive, and I got some important yard work done. In addition to the tree we also have this holiday arrangement which was serving as a surrogate tree to provide the presents with a place to rest.

A New Short Story

Alright folks. I need people to read a short story and give me feedback before I send it off. I’ll put the first thirteen lines here, and if anyone wants to take a look drop me an email. It’s 1300 words long (about six pages) and my first stab at horror, (but there’s no blood and gore).

The Promise of Chocolate
by Mary Robinette Kowal
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The inside was dark. Allison had considered using milk chocolate instead, but thought the rich, almost bitter taste of a dark chocolate center would blend better with the almond flavor of cyanide. She had wanted to make a cake for her son’s birthday, but could not figure out how to limit the poison to a single piece, so–cupcakes. Rich cupcakes filled with a dark chocolate center and wrapped in festive red paper, all save the special one. She had baked that one in plain white paper to make certain that she did not give it to someone else by accident.
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Allison had to admit that Jonas had not meant to ruin her life but he had done so as completely as if he had planned it.

Soccer All Day, Everyday

We’ve been playing soccer for days now. There’s very little for me to do because soccer is not played with the hands. Mostly I’ve just been hanging out on set and getting pillows or carts for the puppeteers. Whee. Fairly dull for me, but better than the days when we all sit in the dressing room waiting for a shot.

The thing that we’ve been amusing ourselves with lately is this website. We’ve been uploading pictures of the puppets and cast members to give them new hairstyle. Hours of amusement. If you want the password and user id for the characters so you can play too, email me. I don’t feel comfortable posting them here.

Come visit me!

Iceland Air is having a fare sale. You have to sign up for the email lucky fares to see it, but it’s a $299 roundtrip out of D.C. Woo-hoo!

Yoga & Massage

This morning we had an energy yoga class. This is the first time that I’ve taken a yoga class and I really liked it. They are planning on doing this on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple of weeks. I also just came back from a massage. Both relaxations were needed because, the site that hosts my website went down today with no explanation and no warning. I am very, very angry at them, especially since the help email for the company was also down. Hopping mad.

Telephone & Address

I have a phone and a mailing address now. Send me an email if you want either.

Destination Reykjavik

I got a call on Thursday from Lazytown offering me a job. I’m heading to Reykjavik for a two-week trial to see if we’re mutually compatible. If everything goes well, they’ll keep me till the end of the year.
That’s a long time.
Rob and I are both comfortable enough with the idea for me to go, though neither relishes that much time apart. I leave tonight, which is more than a little crazy.

I’m also terribly excited because the day before the Iceland call, I got an email from The First Line telling me that they want to publish my short story The Shocking Affair of the Dutch Steamship Friesland. This is my second short story sale, and I’m starting to feel like a real writer. (Now if I can just get someone to buy my novel.) If you live in Portland, OR you can buy a copy at Powell’s or order it through The First Line’s website. My first sale was also to them and is in the summer issue; my new effort will appear in the fall issue.

I’ll try to use this site as a way to keep folks up-to-date on what’s going one.