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My prelimary WorldCon schedule

The planners of Denvention are really on their game. I’m not sure when I’ve known about my programming so far in advance. Granted, these are preliminary schedules, but here’s the list.

Schmoozing 101 – Wed 13:00

Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer – Wed 16:00

How to Give an Effective Reading – Workshop – Fri 10:00

I’ll also be doing the Strolling with the Stars one morning, but I don’t know which one yet.

Strolling With The Stars at World Con

Big Blue BearStu Segal has organized a program for WorldCon called Strolling With The Stars.

To encourage a healthier, more active environment at Denvention 3 we are scheduling a 9AM walk every morning. We’ll leave from under the Big Blue Bear at the Colorado Convention Center, and we’ll stroll for a leisurely mile through downtown Denver. Each day’s walk will be led by a Famous AuthorTM, Artist, Editor or Scientist who will not only lead the walk but will interact with the participants. Join luminaries like Frank Wu, David Brin, Jay Lake, Ellen Datlow, John Picacio, Lou Anders, Paul Cornell, Scott Edelman, Mary Robinette Kowal and Stephen H. Segal for a gentle, friendly stroll to get the day started on an upbeat note.

While I’m once again looking at the other names and wondering how I wound up on that list, I’m pleased as Punch to be doing it. I was telling someone at WisCon that I liked staying in a hotel other than the con hotel because it meant that I got outside at least twice a day for some fresh air. The idea of starting off the day this way sounds lovely.

Plus, Big Blue Bear!

Join us?