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One more fundable update

About once a week I get an email from someone hoping I can help them contact and get a response from them.  So far, no luck on that front.  The most recent one was from a woman who had raised $400 to help a wounded dog.  I was grabbing a link for her and accidentally wound up on the BoingBoing page about my very bad experience with

Lo and behold. A new comment by Mr. Pratt. I am sharing it with you because… well, I’ll let him speak for himself.  (The emphasis is mine.)

What happened in this article was a result of me covering for glitches in Fundable’s payment system.

I admit this.

However, I because did not write the payment backend that caused these glitches and I could not get my business partner to fix them, I have taken moves to close Fundable against his wishes, even though the site was making money.

Frankly, the content on the site was disgusting to me. I don’t want to run a site helping people fund surgeries for their nearly-dead pets when there are plenty of people suffering from hideous diseases who are more conscious of their pain than animals.

This Boing Boing article was thankfully the moment I saw clearly that my business partner is a sloppy programmer who has no drive for excellence.

I make plenty of business mistakes but I try to own up to them, even if it is embarrassing in public.

Salt Lake City: Day 6 of the move

This entry is part 8 of 16 in the series Moving from NYC to PDX

Really? We’ve been on the road for six days?

Today was largely uneventful as we left Colorado and headed up through Wyoming. I cranked out story and got about 5000 words written.  Things were fine until we got to Utah.

Ah, Utah.

There’s this dinging noise that our truck makes when the temperature spikes. How do I know this, you might ask? Because it happened when we hit the hills leading into Salt Lake City.  Thrice, in fact. Rob had checked the fluids before heading into the hills, but that didn’t stop every light on the dashboard from lighting up.  The third time we called the truck rental company and talked to roadside assistance. They are going to get us in with a mechanic tomorrow, but won’t know what appointments are available until seven am.

Needless to say, Rob and I did the only logical thing. We coasted into SLC, to Beth Wodzinski’s house, where she and Sean Markey had arranged for us to meet up with some fellow writers at a local pub.  We got to see Eric James Stone, Sandra Taylor and Chris Hansen.

And now, I’m going to turn into a pumpkin so that I can get up in the morning and talk about the truck. We’d just better not have to reload the thing.

Update to my Fundable experience

For the benefit of those of you who read this via rss, LJ or Facebook, I wanted to let you know that I exchanged a series of emails with John Pratt, co-founder of With his permission, I’ve appended the series to the end of my original post about my fundraiser. I did that rather creating a new post because I think it is important to read them in context and chronological order.

Meanwhile, I’m closing comments on this post, because I’d rather have all commentary happen in one place.

My experience with

Edited to add: In 2009, the original shut down. In 2011, Virtucon Ventures ( purchased the domain. They are not associated with the original or Mr. Pratt, and will be re-launching the site in April of 2012.

This page remains as an archival record of my correspondence with Mr. Pratt but should in no way reflect on the new organization.


Edited to add: October 1, 2009. has apparently shut down.

Edited to add: Sunday, August 23rd, 12:50 am

John Pratt, Co-Founder of, has emailed me privately to work out refunds for the people who donated money to me through Fundable.  He has given me permission to post his emails, which I am going to do at the bottom of this post because I do think it is important to read things chronologically.

Further edited to add: Sunday, August 23rd 8:24 am
The paypal refund to Donor 2 has been received.  Mr. Pratt sent screenshots of the checks to Donor 1 and my dad.  Those are scheduled to go out on Monday and arrive by the 31st.

Original Post begins here:

You know. I wasn’t going to blog this, but I just saw a friend thinking about using and realized that I ought to provide a warning.

Back in January, my computer died and several friends and family members offered to chip in and help me buy a new one for my birthday. I found and did a little research on them. There were no negative references to them and they seemed completely legitimate.   Seemed is the operative word here. Continue reading ›

Rob’s hands: Operation date!

Yes. It’s true. Rob finally has a date for the operation.  March 30th, they’ll tackle the carpal tunnel in his right wrist.

Of course, first, he has to have a pre-op physical.  I don’t have any understanding of why he has to have this second physical when he just had one with the same doctor.  We are both hoping that they will be able to schedule this physical rather faster than they did the other one, otherwise they’ll have to push the operation date back.  Mind you, when the problem was first diagnosed in October, the surgeon had wanted to get Rob in that week for surgery.  Clearly, he is dealing with relatavistic time of some sort.

Yet another curse-producing update on Rob’s hands

Rob finally had his physical while I was away. In fact, that’s why he didn’t go with me to the birthday retreat, because the only date he could get was smack in the middle of it.  While I was in Chattanooga, I told one of my cousins, who’s a surgeon, about the physical.

He looked baffled and said, “It’s a six-minute procedure done under, at most, a shoulder block.  Why do they need a physical?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Insurance, I guess.”

He shook his head. “Fly him down here. It’ll be less of a hassle.”

We both laughed.

So, today, Rob finds out that yes, of course, there’s another hoop he has to jump through. The nerve-conductivity test he had back in Portland shows that his hands are normal.  This means two things 1) they have to do another one. 2) It’s not a pre-existing condition, which throws the status of the insurance (worker’s comp or our insurance) back up in the air again.

I’m beginning to think that I should just put him on a plane to Chattanooga.

The latest cranky-making update on Rob’s hands

Yesterday Rob managed to contact the physician and the insurance company. THIS time he was told that, yes, of course the physician’s office will contact the insurance company (as if they hadn’t told him that he needed to do that) but they need a copy of the worker’s comp rejection letter first. Okay… Sure would have been nice to know that earlier. So Rob faxes that over and calls back to make the appointment.

Now the lady says that he can’t schedule the appointment until he’s had a complete physical, which he needs to schedule at least two weeks prior to the surgery.

My reaction was a resounding WTF? [1. WTF, but not in acronym form.]

I mean, he could totally have had the physical anytime in the past couple of months if they’d just said that was a prerequisite. So Rob is calling around today, trying to find a primary care physician — because we don’t have one — so that he can get the physical before we leave for the holidays. And then AFTER he has the physical he can call back to schedule the appointment.

Mind you, this is for surgery that the physician wanted Rob to have right away in October

Both of us are so frustrated because of how many hoops we have to jump through just to get on the schedule. Since we’re both free-lancers we usually just pay out of pocket; write the check and you’re done. As Rob says, “It takes nine people just to make an appointment, no wonder insurance is so expensive.”

Michael Chertoff on the TSA and “Security Theater”

Over at Boing Boing Gadgets there’s an interview with Michael Chertoff on the TSA and “Security Theater.” Towards the end of the interview excerpt, there’s this section.

Joel Johnson: Sir, I was really trying to avoid using this term [security theater] at all. But are you actually saying that security theater is an important aspect of actual security?

Secretary Chertoff: No. I don’t think it’s theater because I think the person who says this is kind of unrealistic and is kind of trying to be provocative. I don’t think they’re doing things for no reason to make sense, but I think understanding that visible security has a role to play is important. It is a deterrent.

Joel Johnson: Well, sure. But theater also means…theater has a purpose, too, to express a meaning.

Secretary Chertoff: Yeah. I mean, the problem is, I think the term is not meant to be…it’s meant to be pejorative. It’s meant to suggest that it’s like a puppet show.

I know it’s narrow and job specific thing to be annoyed about, but really? Do you have to pick on the puppet shows?

Update on Rob’s hands

Here’s the latest on Rob’s hands. Last week the insurance finally approved his claim and said that he could have the surgery. Yay! I waited to post until we had a surgery date, which… we still don’t have.

Why? Because the doctor’s office said that they needed written authorization. It took a couple of days for Rob to reach the insurance company, which he did today, only to be told that they need the doctor’s office to make the request for the written authorization. Needless to say, when Rob called the doctor’s office to tell them that, the person who handles scheduling was gone. Maybe tomorrow he’ll get on the schedule. More likely, he’ll just have to jump through another hoop.

Twitters for 12-13-08

  • 09:47 Dear neighbor. Please turn off your alarm clock. This reminds me of being in the dorm when someone leaves their alarm set & skips town. #
  • 09:55 Seriously. The fact that the alarm goes off for 60 seconds and then self-snoozes for five minutes just makes it more annoying. #
  • 11:02 Cake ought to be a valid breakfast if it has fruit in it. Right? #

Update on Rob’s hands

You might remember about a month ago I mentioned that Rob had gone in to have his hands diagnosed and that the doctor wanted to get him in for surgery right away, as in that week.  The nerves were dying. He’s been jumping through paperwork since then.  We just found out that his worker’s comp claim has been denied because they’ve said the carpal tunnel is a pre-existing condition.

The problem with this is that it’s not debilitating if he’s not working harvest.  I mean, the problems he’s having are so clearly linked to his job that it’s not even funny.  Right now, he’s having trouble tying his shoes.  This wasn’t an issue before harvest.

We’re been told that he can appeal to a judge, which we’ll try, meanwhile he’s also jumping through the paperwork hoops for our regular insurance.  I’m frustrated, angry and worried about him.

Twitters for 11-13-08

  • 01:03 Okay… I left work early so I could get to bed at a decent hour and yet somehow it’s 1 am again. #
  • 10:26 Rob’s day off so we’re being lazy together for a bit. Then I’ll go to the puppet kitchen. #
  • 11:56 Going for a walk with Rob. Life is good. #
  • 13:04 Stopped for lunch on the way to the puppet kitchen at my favorite internet cafe and the internet is down. This defeats the purpose of getting my lunch to stay. Cranky. #
  • 19:24 Melting doll hands. #
  • 23:43 Totally lost a head. Crap. #
  • 00:00 Managed to salvage a head from a bad cast. Air bubbles? Feh. No match for pro-poxy and my mad sculpting skilz. #

Demise of Same-Sex Weddings Disheartens Businesses

Is it snarky of me to point out that in addition to the human rights issues, Prop 8 also hurts the economy? Way to protect the American dream, folks.

In June, the Williams Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, which studies sexual orientation and the law, estimated that legalizing same-sex ceremonies in the state would result in about $63.8 million in government tax and fee revenue over three years.

On my way home from Calgary

So I got to the airport three hours before I thought my flight departed. You see where this is going, don’t you? At some point, my 5:30 flight was moved to 1:55. They usually send a notice, so I can only assume that it got caught in my spam filter. But, since I didn’t check my itinerary last night or this morning and missed that vital piece of information, I missed my flight.

The airline didn’t have any other flights tonight and said they could get me home by 5:30 pm tomorrow. Which would mean that I’d miss voting. No good. So I bought a ticket on United, which is fortunately not that much and will be on a red-eye home. I’ll go home long enough to drop off my bags and then onto the polling station.

Twitters for 10-21-08

  • 00:08 So that thing I was doing instead of dealing with the mold? I’ve now cut my hand & broken the grip I was building, just before finishing. [1. It was a shallow cut and I’m fine, it was just aggravating.] #
  • 00:08 Today = not good. #
  • 00:14 For those keeping score? This is why I like writing. When you screw up a scene you don’t have to worry about bleeding on the page. #
  • 00:51 Okay, I’ve taken a break and am going to try to build this again. #
  • 02:26 Yes, this is going much better. I’m installing the shoulder joints now and have the basic grip built. It’s sexy. #
  • 05:17 Starting to costume the wood witch. #
  • 06:07 All right. I’m going to nap for a bit. #
  • 10:13 I’m leaving the shop. #