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Balsamic Truffles

As small gifts at Christmas, I made homemade Balsamic dark chocolate truffles. This was my first foray into truffle making, so I was surprised by how easy they were to make. They were so easy that I decided to try another recipe from the same site that several reviewers recommended.

Tasty, yes. However, it prompted me to post to twitter, “I am hoping that wrapping the homemade truffles in gold foil will keep them from looking quite so much like turds.”

Why am I writing about it now? Because I need to make another series of small gifts and am strongly considering the truffles. My only problem is that I don’t know where to go for the gold foil in NYC.

Any suggestions?

Writing Retreat Day 3

I was a little distracted today but still managed to wrap up a story and edit another. At one point, to keep from checking my email every two minutes, I headed into the kitchen to start cooking and made some Deep, Dark Chocolate cookies. Gluten free, I’ll have you note.

We all trouped out to a matinee of Coraline, which was really enjoyable although there were aspects of the book that I seriously missed.

I’ve now stayed up waaaaay too late, finishing the final touches on Issue 10 of Shimmer. I’m going to print it out in the morning and barring any surprises, we’ll send it to the printer on Monday.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a story that I’d like to start tomorrow.

Scientists Explain Chocolate Craving

Wired News has an article that totally justifies my chocolate intake.

If that craving for chocolate sometimes feels like it is coming from deep in your gut, that’s because maybe it is.

A small study links the type of bacteria living in people’s digestive system to a desire for chocolate. Everyone has a vast community of microbes in their guts. But people who crave daily chocolate show signs of having different colonies of bacteria than people who are immune to chocolate’s allure.

A prayer for no-bake cookies

Oh, great internet. Please grant me a good recipe for no-bake cookies. One with peanut butter and chocolate married with oatmeal. One which does not crumble into a zillion pieces when I try to eat it.

Happy Easter!

Easter 2007Have I mentioned that Chrissy and Spencer are the best hosts?  Not only have they cooked breakfast every morning.  I had an Easter basket this morning!

Not only does it have dark chocolate in it, there’s also a fascinating book, Royal Scandals. I’m a happy, happy camper.

Yardwork, layout, and dinner

I got a bunch of layout done today, which made my eyes cross. I recovered by a too-brief stint in the yard and then trotted off to have dinner with Christina Crooks, followed by talking too late and chocolate.

Hawaii care package

We got a package from Rob’s folks today. They take such good care of us; this package included coffee beans, macademia nuts, some of Pat’s phenomenal cookies, chocolate covered macademia nuts… I gave one of the boxes of the chocolate-covered macademia nuts to the puppet shop and you’d have thought that I had given them a raise. Such happiness. Rob divied up a bag of macademia nuts amoung the different departments, but we’re taking the other bag home.

Thanks, Pat and Glenn!

Ah, the simple things…

Not much excitement today. I did a live hand for Ziggy, but wasn’t attached to the puppet. It was just a closeup of a handshake. I also assisted Julie for a scene with her, David and Magnus. The most exciting part of today was that Kahlua made chocolate chip cookies and brought them in. It’s the little things that you appreciate most.

Cerbo en Vitra ujo

I decided to set the 1920’s ghost/mystery story aside for a bit because I found a fantastic book at Chattacon called Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop Them by Hereward Carrington. It was originally published in 1920 and is such the perfect research material that I want to read it before continuing.

Meanwhile, I started a new story today with the working title of Cerbo en Vitra ujo .

Here are the current first thirteen lines.

Cerbo en Vitra ujo

     Behind the steady drone of garden’s humidifiers, Grete caught the woosh-snick of the airlock door opening. She kept her attention on her Sunset-Glory rose to give Kaj a chance to sneak up on her. His footsteps pounded between the raised beds, without a hint of stealth. Grete put her pruning shears down as he barreled around the Milhollen’s prize Emperor artichoke.
     Something was wrong. Kaj’s chocolate skin seemed covered by a layer of ash. Gerta’s breath quickened to match his. “Kaj?”
     He stopped short of her, rocking on his toes. “I don’t know what to do.”
     She took his hand, cradling his long, delicate fingers. “What’s wrong?”
     “Mom and Dad got me an in at a down-planet school.” He covered his face with his other hand. “Some scholarship came through.”

Underneath the Lintel

I saw Portland Underneath the Lintel by Glenn Berger, with Eve and absolutely loved it. (Thank you Lance, for the tickets!) The Librarian discovers a book in the return slot that is 113 years overdue. In his efforts to find the offender, he becomes convinced that he is on the trail of the Wandering Jew.

This was really compelling and Time Winters did a marvelous job as the Librarian. One hour and fifteen minutes alone on stage and he held my attention for every minute.

In addition to the play, Eve introduced me to Pix, a fantastic patisserie on Division. Oh heaven. We had a Chocolate Ganache tart with Pear and Rosemary. So delightful. Can you tell that I liked the place?

Farewell at the Blue Lagoon

Lots of the cast and crew met at the Blue Lagoon today around 3:00, which was a lot of fun. We talked and hung out till we were all wrinkled prunes. I actually managed to schedule a massage; it was lovely.

Afterwards we met at a restaurant and talked until midnight.

Last night’s party went untill the wee hours. I got home at four and the party was still going. We were all given fleeces and a card from Magnus. The cards were actually had personalized messages. Very nice. Oh, and chocolate too, but that was just for the puppeteers!

Wandering about.

Steve and I spent today wandering around town. We did some prep work for the party tomorrow, but most of the daylight hours were spent in downtown Reykjavik. We stopped at the Parliament building.

And then went to the lake behind it. That’s town hall behind Steve. Strangely, he only asked for his picture in front of government related structures…covert operations?

We ran into Sarah and Andrew downtown and had tea with them. I say tea, when I mean hot chocolate, but it was teatime–those crazy Brits. After we went home, Steve helped me move furniture for the party on Sunday, and then we went out with Sarah, Andrew, Ingver and John for dinner.