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Busy but random

Today was one of those days where I got a lot done but nothing that was actually on the to-do list.

For instance, I needed disappearing ink, but the magic store was out.  But, they were close to another store, where I was able to find the tree I needed for a different show.

The whole day was like that.  Tomorrow, though, the focus is on building the lamb and making a mountain of paper and pine needles.

Day in a nutshell

Turned in a project, which I’ll blog about with photos tomorrow.
Took a nap.
Went to dinner with Jane and then out to a Joanna Newsome concert.
Now bed.

Too busy

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks, working on lots of different projects and trying to also make time for hanging out with Rob. I am going to have to find ways to simplify my life. I’ve been right at the edge of the amount of work that I can handle for months now, and it’s catching up with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved doing the different projects, but I can tell that I’m at the threshold. I actually turned work down the other day. Astonishing, I know.

You know what I want? I want a vacation. I just don’t know how to get one.

Today: the cliff notes

Layout Shimmer
Lunch with Tempest: Mmm. Best risotto in the world
More layout Shimmer
Dinner with Dean: Watched Taxi Driver for the first time. I know. Should have seen it earlier, but didn’t. Good film.

Wow. First time someone’s cooked a meal at their home for me since arriving and then two meals in one day. Somehow, it feels like I am not a tourist any more.

Mary = Southerner = hospitality = home

A box by the road

Yesterday, Rob asked me about a box on our curb. It had a towel and a car floor mat in it. I didn’t recognize either, but figured that someone had pulled it out of their car while loading some yardsale item in. Granted, it hadn’t been there the day of the yard sale, but neither of us could think of another reasonable idea.

Today, the towel blew off the box.

There’s been this stray cat hanging around our house for about a month. It’s a poor scrawny thing, with patchy fur. It was in the box. I wanted it to be sleeping, but what cat would sleep inches away from a busy road?

Someone must have hit it with their car and tried to find the owner. I mean, they took the time to stop and put it in the box and cover it with the towel. I wonder if they picked our house because that’s where the cat was headed or because one of our neighbors told them that we have a black cat.

I’ve got this strange mix of sadness and relief. The sadness is easy to understand. But the relief? She never looked happy and she’s not struggling to survive anymore. That’s not it though, not really. I’m relieved that she wasn’t my cat. I’m relieved that I know she was feral and that no one is sitting at home wondering where she is. And then that makes the sadness comes back around.

The county animal control is coming to pick up the body.

Life with a touring puppeteer: 1998, Day 7

Monday, October 12, 1998
Day Seven

Today started at 6:00am. It was very hard to get up. And it’s raining, of course it’s Seattle so I shouldn’t be surprised.

We had a very busy, full day as our first day of school shows. The first show was at 9:30 in, ironically, Marysville. Our second show was in the same town at 2:00. This was nice ’cause it gave us plenty of time for lunch. So we went to Safeway to kill time. Lo and behold they were doing flu shots. Since we are surrounded daily by little snot machines, I always get a flu vaccine. This is Joe’s first.

The past two days we’ve been having a little problem with static, that we thought might have been cause by moisture in our system. Specifically sweat in our wireless transmitters, so while we were at Safeway we picked up the appropriate protective device. Condoms, unlubricated. Then it was off to our 2:00 show.

Stop and look

This falls into the category of things that I wonder if I should blog about. See, my parents are going to worry, but there are enough things that make me cranky that I’m going ahead with it.

Let’s discuss the importance of obeying traffic laws, shall we? As I was biking to work this morning, on this great downhill stretch where I can really build up speed, a minivan pulled out in front of me without stopping. There’s a stop sign at the intersection, which she completely ignored. I had to ditch my bike to avoid slamming into the side of the van. Did the woman driving stop? No.

I seem to be fine. I was shaken and angry after it happened. My bike had a flat. There doesn’t seem to be any more damage than that, but it’s all too easy to imagine how much worse it might have been. For crying out loud, would the ten seconds that it takes to stop and look at a stop sign really have made a difference in how long it took her to get to her destination? Or did she see me and decide that she didn’t want to get stuck behind a bicyclist? I wish I had been able to get her license plate number, but I was too busy not dying.


So, it took me about forty-five minutes to create the intial Save Apex website. And then I have spent the rest of the day inputting the donations. I mean, really. They keep coming in. It astounds me.

I had a total fan-girl moment when the signed, hardback first-edition copy of the Sparrow came in. When someone asks me to recommend a book, it’s usually that one. Love it a lot. And I also exchanged emails with Dr. Ben Bova. Um. Hello. I mean, the email only came to me because he donated a copy-edited manuscript of Titan. But still! Ben Bova in my inbox.

When I opened the raffle this morning, I had ten items on the board, with five others promised. There are forty now. Forty!

Oh yeah, I also worked on the bear and did some editing. Busy day.

What day is it?

Today was busy. I did some live hand work which honestly feels like it happened yesterday. Partly I’m disoriented because we were shooting parts of three different episodes today. This doesn’t usually happen, but did today because of complicated factors involving setups and I don’t know what all. Whenever we do more than one episode in a day it feels like two different days. It’s funny.

We had some folks from work over for drinks afterwards. That was really nice.


Today was a busy day and although the massage felt good, I had to do the same pose for two different shots right after that so my neck still hurts.

Someday for fun, try catching a styrafoam apple, in fleece gloves, while lying facedown on someone’s chest–without looking.


Things on set have been very busy and while Dean was here I didn’t want to update my journal in the evenings. We are between company right now, although I just heard that our friend Wayne will be coming to visit us soon and that Rob’s folks will follow after that. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them. At this rate we’ll have out-of-town guests about every two to three weeks but, after Rob’s parents’ vist, we don’t have anyone else scheduled. C’mon people, it’s time to start booking those plane tickets.

Why the prolonged silence

I’ve been having some trouble with my computer for the past week. Basically, I got hit with a host of spyware and trojans that took forever to get off my machine. It meant that going online was a slow process if I could get on at all. Sure, the computer was connected, but it was busy downloading advertising.

After fighting with it over the course of the last week, I finally gave in, backed up my data and reformatted the hard drive. Extreme measure? It took two hours compared to the week spent fighting the various forms of malware.

And why did I have this problem? My own stupidity. I needed to download a piece of software and enabled “allow website to install software” for that one item but forgot to turn that option off. And I was using my computer on a wifi hub that wasn’t secure. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

All is better now and I’ve got an up-to-date anti virus software installed.

A wee bit busy

I’ve been working for the Portland Spirit every day this week. Some days, I’ve had two shifts. It’s the busy season. Fortunately, our garden is doing well so Rob and I don’t have to shop for groceries. We can just run outside to pick some vegetables. Here you see a variety of heirloom tomatoes, a green bell pepper, and a sunburst squash.

Busy, busy

Rob has an audio gig for the next couple of days and between that and my shifts on the boat we’re only seeing each other on the way to bed.

Speaking of which…

Coffee and houses

I had coffee with Nancy Aldritch this morning and have begun work on the Irvington Home Tour. Things are starting to get busy so my posts might get shorter.