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Shedding my fiction

I know this idea will come as an anathema for many people, but as Rob and I get ready to move, I’m getting rid of most of my fiction.

Let me rephrase that. I’m getting rid of the book forms of most of my fiction. I realized that I moved books out here that I haven’t read since before I moved them to Portland, OR back in 1993 and that some of them probably haven’t been opened since before that.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all books that I loved, but do I need to own them still when I don’t read them? I’m using a barcode scanner and saving a list of them on LibraryThing, so if I ever miss one I can remember that I owned it and then buy a new copy, although that new copy will likely be electronic.

The ones that I’m keeping are the ones where the physical artifact has meaning. The complete collection of Narnia that my grandmother gave me? Stays.  The copy of Small Gods, which was the first book I read aloud to Rob? Likewise, that’s a keeper.

I’ve sort of been doing this for awhile with new books. I finish reading them, then mail them to my niece or nephew.*  But all the older books? Iif I haven’t opened it since I moved here, I’m shedding it and not because I don’t love them.

My question is, since I want them to go to a good home, how should I go about it?

*By the way, if you see one of your books on the list, please don’t be offended.