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Snow pictures

I meant to post these yesterday, but I left the cable for my camera back at the apartment. This is the view from living room window yesterday morning.

And the view from the lunchroom at work in the evening.

And the Angles Sing

Earlier I referred to the skies opening and the angles coming out to sing. What do angles sound like? Exactly what you’d expect. The sound of angles is produced by high winds blowing across the open ends of pipes causing a wailing, moaning skirl of sound. One refers to this as “angles singing” because the it requires the wind to blow at the right angle to make the appropriate pitches. I hope everyone feels edified now.

If you listen closely, you can hear the unearthly sound of a chorus of angles, like a haunting and slightly demented organ.

Leisurely Saturday

Yesterday the weather was bright and clear, today it’s back to its normal fall overcast. The overcast here is different from Portland, though we have the same silvery light, the clouds change constantly in the sky. Usually, there is a patch of blue somewhere.

I went walking through downtown today, to pick up my new coat, and ran into two people I know. It seems as if I always bump into someone I know while I’m out and about. I enjoy having that moment of contact.

Last night a group of us went down to Postbarrin Ehf to see Sam Paden’s art show. The lights were too dim, so no one could actually see the paintings which frustrated the folks who hadn’t seen any before. I’m still quite tempted by them and I’m going to try to save my per diem next week so I can buy one.

Carrying the turkey

Do I really need to say anymore? I spent this morning carrying a turkey for Bessie as live hands. I also worked for Þor as Ziggy’s live hands. He was pleased with my work, which was nice.

I also got a nice compliment from a third party. Inger pulled me aside and said, “You want to hear something nice?”
I said, “I always like hearing nice things.”
Inger said, “We were in the screening room, watching a scene with Bessie on the lounge chair and Magnus stopped the tape and pointed at the screen. ‘Do you see that? Do you see how alive Bessie looks with her feet movie? Do you know who’s doing that? That’s Mary. She’s really good.'”

I bounced about a bit after that.

Raining parents

My day at the studio started as long and uninteresting. There are days when my job consists entirely of getting pillows and making sure that arm rods don’t swing out of control, but no actual manipulation. This afternoon I actually got to do some real work during the snow angel scene. More about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I should let you all know that Mr. and Mrs. Kowal arrived yesterday. I haven’t seen them yet, but my mom and dad went to lunch with them today and hung out in town while I worked. Where’s the justice in that?


There was a gorgeous sunset last night. One of the many reasons that I like my apartment is that I can watch sunsets, sunrises and the northern lights from the comfort of my couch.


The art department threw a party for the rest of the company and really went all out. This is a ticket to the event.
When we arrived, they handed us a cocktail and a Dance Challenge card, much like the dance cards from cotillion. I was the only one who knew how to use them, aside from the organizers. The band was bizarre. The lead singer would sing for a few measures and then do a sort of performance art comedy routine. One episode of which consisted of a song that was an extremely long, messy orgasm. Not easy to dance to. They were better after the break, when she just sang.

I didn’t get in until three, and the party was still going when I left.

The White Whales

As part of the sports competition we needed a logo. So, with a little bit of time spent in photoshop I made this.

LazyTown on CBS

Starting this Saturday, LazyTown will be on CBS as part of a collaboration with Nick Jr. It airs at 7:00 a.m. in most markets, so set your VCR’s to record and watch it at a more reasonable hour. Unless you have kids that are up that early anyway.

Northern Lights

I saw the Northern Lights for the first time last night. No pictures, sorry. Jodi called me about ten o’clock and told me to go outside to look for them. He had to describe what I was looking for, because they were fairly pale.

If you imagine a night sky with vertical folds of quartz projected faintly against it, and have the folds undulate slowly then you might get a vague sense of what I saw. There’s light pollution in my area, but I imagine the lights seem much brighter out of the city.

Health contest

The newest thing at work is a health contest between the different departments. We are all supposed to keep track of what we eat and exercise; points are awarded for each thing. There’s a prize at the end of the month for the healthiest person. Whee.

Cheating a little

I went back to add the entries that I would have put in over the weekend if I’d had computer access. You can click on the link to Things that Happen at Home to jump to Saturday’s entry, or just scroll down. Today is much slower than yesterday. We did two puppet shots this morning; I only helped with one. Now they’re shooting a bunch of stuff in the lair which gives me time to update my weblog while I wait for my turn in the massage room.

I also have two photos for you.

I found a postcard which just barely shows my apartment, so you can get an idea of how close I am to the city center. The big spire is a church that’s downtown.

If this postcard went five blocks further down, you’d see my place. Both of these postcards, and others, will be heading towards the States as soon as I get to the post office.

New Apartment

I moved yesterday into my new apartment. I should be here till the end of the year. It’s much closer to downtown and stores, which is nice. Some of the decor is…not to my taste, but the apartment itself is great.

This is my new bedroom, with amazing light. At least right now. The bed is actually two twins, instead of the queen size it appears to be, which makes it great for company. Hint, hint.

It has a very tiny kitchen which has deceptive ammounts of storage space. There are all these cabinets, but none of them can hold very much.

And the living room, with great windows and another fabulous sofa. You can’t see all it’s glory here, just trust me. I bought the print over the sideboard.


Interesting. We were called in around 4:00, but still haven’t done anything. We have half an hour left till the end of the day, so I can only assume that they brought us in for tea-time.

I used the time to start work on a new novel today, and am three chapters into it. It’s hard to concentrate here, but I think I’m making progress. As in, I think that I’ve done more than just put down a random collection of words.

My first day in the studio

A driver came to pick me up at my apartment at 11:45, which was 3:45a.m. according to my internal clock. I’d actually managed to get in a small nap, but the excitement of being here was the only thing making me functional.

Everyone is very nice and I’m looking forward to actually starting to work. It’s great to see Jodi and Sam. I spent a lot of the day fighting to stay awake; basically, if I sat then I began to nod off. I took a twenty minute nap and that seems to help. I still feel like I’m only working on about 80% of my brain. At best.

The set is a closed set, which means no photos, so don’t even ask.