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Cast Party

Chris Parks took us all out to dinner at Conte’s. Dave and I are going to unload the truck of some items and then meet up with the rest of the cast for an evening of Fisherman, Djinn and Tonics.


The workshop performances of Arabian Nights continue to go well. I’m happy with the twist that I added to the design last night and I showed my rough sketches to the gang. They all seem to like them. We’ll see if it works as I start to get into the nitty gritty details.

Oh. Mom and Dad did finally make it home today.

245 guests

Have I mentioned that my grandmother knows a lot of people? Two hundred and forty-five people signed the guest book at yesterday’s celebration. The amazing thing is that, after greeting an unending guest line–for three hours–she knows that some people didn’t sign the book. Who could remember that?!?!?

Steve, Rob, Peter and I went to visit her today and she didn’t seem the least bit tired. I was sorry we didn’t get to stay longer. Sadly, Steve and Peter needed to get back to the house to watch the Superbowl.

Mom and I are having martinis upstairs which seems much more civilized.

Grandma’s Birthday!

The house is all in a hubbub getting last minute details ready for Grandma’s party. I’m printing out some pictures, which I couldn’t fit into the Birthday Book, and we will hang them on the walls in the Fellowship Room at the church. That’s where the party is being held. No one has space for the 150+ people expected to attend.


I have clean clothes. It’s a beautiful thing. We went to the laundry mat this morning before we started working. While the clothes were running we went across the street for a muffin and coffee.

The Portland Spirit

I went down to the Spirit office today to do a little computer work for them. Back when I was recovering from the torn ligament in my wrist I worked in the sales department. While I was there, I developed a couple of tools for doing proposals and the like that they still use. Every now and again I go down to fine tune or tweak things. I spent about three hours down there today. This is where I was trying to go yesterday.

Oh. And to update on the pantry floor; nothing has happened since my last update. I still have two and a half boards left.

The new light

Well, our new light arrived from Rejuvenation tonight and it is lovely. We assembled it with no problems, removed the old fixture and then had a grim reminder than we live in a 1907 house. The old knob and tube wiring is still in the ceiling, minus the insulation. At least on the visible part of the wires. It’s too dark to do further exploration, which will probably mean some plaster coming down, but tomorrow should reveal the state of affairs more.

The Pantry

Today I am going to start pulling up the last of the vinyl floor. There’s still some in the bathroom, but it’s in good shape so we’ll leave it alone. The pantry floor, on the other hand, is ready to leave the house. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Anniversary light

Mom and Dad gave us a gift certificate to Rejuvenation Hardware for our anniversary. Friday, as part of our Christmas festivities Rob and I went to Rejuvenation to pick out a new light for our front hall. We won’t get the actual light until January seventh, but you can admire the computerized rendering of its future glory.

Book Sale

Rob and I went to Powell’s City of Books to sell the books I sorted out the other day. We got $86 for half of them. The other half we carted home. Actually, we carted them to the end of the block outside Powell’s and set them down so Rob could fetch the car. While I was standing there a woman and her boyfriend walked past. I overheard her say, “I should just stand next to the book buyers and offer to buy things they reject.” So I said, “Do you want any of these?” She turned so fast her heel left a divot in the sidewalk. She bought a bag of them for $5. Whee! Fewer things to carry and store.

Scones for breakfast

I got up this morning and made ginger-lavender and apricot scones for breakfast this morning. I really enjoy the extra time in the morning to bake before starting out on the day. We are making as few plans as possible today, and relishing the lack of schedule.


Oh yeah. Jodi and I have been routed through Phoenix. We got here at ten-thirty this morning and are supposed to leave at two eighteen. Our flight is delayed until 3:20. This is better than where we started this morning. We were scheduled to fly into LA, but not to Portland. Um…that’s not where we live. They put us into Phoenix and we were supposed to be here until a 5:30 flight. I just want to go home.

Farewell at the Blue Lagoon

Lots of the cast and crew met at the Blue Lagoon today around 3:00, which was a lot of fun. We talked and hung out till we were all wrinkled prunes. I actually managed to schedule a massage; it was lovely.

Afterwards we met at a restaurant and talked until midnight.

Last night’s party went untill the wee hours. I got home at four and the party was still going. We were all given fleeces and a card from Magnus. The cards were actually had personalized messages. Very nice. Oh, and chocolate too, but that was just for the puppeteers!

That’s a wrap!

We just did the last puppet shot! Woo-hoo! There’s a wrap party tonight that should be a blast.

In a hole.

I’ve spent the morning in a hole in the ground. Actually, it was a hole in a stage behind a podium. I was the live hands for the Mayor again today, and in order for him to stand behind the podium they have to put us in a hole in the stage which is about two by two feet.

Strange to say, but I had a blast. David is a lot of fun to do live hands for, in part because his intentions are clear, so it’s easy, but also because he will play between takes. They were moving something and someone put “Staying Alive” on the sound system. So we just started dancing to it.