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Free Buttons! is this nifty site where authors can submit reprints and readers can create their own ideal anthology. In print. It’s great if you want to sample a bunch of people and prefer reading on paper than on the screen.

I ‘ve got several stories up there and they are doing this cool promotional.  All through WorldCon, writers from Anthology Builder will be giving out pins, like this one.  But that’s not the best part.

AnthologyBuilder representatives will be giving out gift certificates and free anthologies to anyone sighted wearing an AnthologyBuilder badge.

How do you get one? Ask me about living on a planet with rings.

Featured Author at Anthology Builder

AnthologyBuilder has added Featured Author discounts to their offering.

AnthologyBuilder invites you to take a chance on an unfamiliar author. We will discount the cost of your anthology by $1.00 if it includes at least one story written by this month’s featured authors.

That’s right. $1.00 off any anthology that includes a story by one of our featured authors. The discount will be calculated on the payment confirmation screen, right after you’ve entered in your shipping information.

Featured Authors for April 2008
Tobias S. Buckell
Eric Flint
Eugie Foster
Dave Freer
Jim C. Hines
Mary Robinette Kowal
Irene Radford
Cat Rambo
Steven Utley

The literary world is full of energetic new voices. Why not listen to some of them?

AnthologyBuilder: create your own anthology

A friend of mine just started a new business, AnthologyBuilder, which is the type of brilliant idea that makes you wonder why no one else had done it yet. It’s like iTunes for short fiction. You get to pick the stories you want for a custom print anthology. As a reader, I love the idea of having total control over the content.

As an writer, I’m really happy that there’s an easy venue for my published material. It’s a very simple, easy contract that lets me get my older stuff back out there.

I’m hoping, and sort of expecting, this to really take off.