You thought Mothra was funny…

I dropped the moth off today and they loved it. As I was leaving they were having trouble with one of the other effects in the show. A key plot element revolves around a young man who has, um, trouble with his manhood becoming alert when he isn’t expecting it to do so. The member in question was difficult to control… funny how common that is.

So, I’m going back down to deal with the erectile disfunction. My job is so very, very strange.

You have to imagine me and the director, also a woman, kneeling in front of the young man who is wearing this prosthesis and discussing the concern at hand. It swings to the left. He’s getting some chafing. It gets bound up in his pants. All the while, we are manipulating the existing prop trying to see if we can fix it or if we need to start fresh.

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7 Responses

  1. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Hahahah! I should have actually said that the main character is a teen boy dealing with the embarrassment of unexpected erections. So they needed to be able to control when the erections happen and have them be visible from the audience.

    They were pleased with my work today because the actor’s movement was no longer impeded by the prosthesis. At one point the director shouted, “I love this penis!”

  2. megstout

    I’m reminded of the time I was in a technical meeting and the presenter was making all kinds of gaffs. But the worse one was when they asked the shape of the computer chip, and he responded,

    It’s shaped like a phallus…

    Then he looked at me and turned red. Guess he wasn’t used to being in meetings where women are present.