Writing would be so much easier if my computer would stop breaking.

Thank heavens I decided to hang onto the loaner computer I got from Shanna Germain when I was having keyboard issues. Now the trackpad on my computer is behaving erratically. We’ve tried a driver restore, rolling back to a system restore point, and today I’m having to try a full system restore. If that doesn’t work, then the computer will go back to the shop.

I do have to say that ASUS has great technical support, even if this particular machine is being problematic.

Since I know someone will ask…

  1. I have multitouch function turned off in ASUS Smart Gestures, but sometimes will still get multi-touch function like tapping or zooming. I’ve tried reinstalling the driver to no avail.
  2. My trackpad has begun intermittently failing to register motion. I’ve tried using the hotkey to turn the trackpad off and back on, but it still doesn’t register motion. Clicking works, but I can’t move the cursor. An external mouse will work, however.
  3. New as of yesterday: The mouse jumps erratically around the page even when the trackpad is not being touched.

I should note that I sent this computer in because the keyboard was having troubles. Since it returned, the trackpad now sits slightly higher in the chassis, so that the edges ride above the surface of the machine. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or related.

Meanwhile, in the next room my computer is going through its restore process. Then I’ll have the joy of reloading my software and waiting to see if the problem recurs. It’s Monday, isn’t it?

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7 Responses

  1. Jamie Todd Rubin

    Mary, is the laptop battery positioned under the trackpad? If so, plug in the laptop, remove the battery and see if the trackpad starts working. Old batteries can fill up with gas and expand. That expansion can sometimes push up against the bottom of the trackpad, causing all kinds of erratic behavior. May not be the issue you are experiencing but it is easy enough to rule it out.

  2. Jim Self

    Poor Mary, this computer thing is becoming a dramatic saga.

    Yes, the difference in your trackpad is probably due to the repairs. A lot of “small” computers like laptops and smartphones weren’t designed to be opened and repaired easily. It’s easy to mess stuff up, though. I build my own PCs, and I have no desire to work on any more laptops than I have.

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