Writing on the train

Good heavens. I just realized that I wrote 1520 words today. But I only wrote while I was on the subway. I use my palm pilot and usually just get a few lines in using graffiti, but took the train to Brooklyn today. Since I knew I’d be on a long time, I unpacked the folding keyboard and held it on my lap. 1500 words… maybe I should visit Brooklyn more often.

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7 Responses

  1. Chang

    Jesus Christ! 1,500 words from Uptown to Brooklyn? On the Subway? You either type insanely fast or the route was crazy convoluted or delayed. I tip my bandana to you.

    I could get that if I started out from my parents old house in Connecticut.

  2. Chang

    JESUS GOD! Wow! I think on a good day I might get out 1,500 or so before either my hands seize up or my brain does. Then I have to puyll the covers over my head and sing “Java Jive” until someone arrives with cookies.

    Or cognac.

  3. Mary Robinette Kowal

    This is the power of timed writing as a training ground. I’ve learned that I don’t need a “ramping up” period. I’ve learned that I can sit down and write at any point, except when I’m dog-tired. And I’ve learned that I’m a fast typer, when I’m not goofing off.